Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gene Yang at Big Planet Comics and beyond

Gene Yang says he's in town to speak to schoolchildren at the Kennedy Center tomorrow which will apparently also go out over a webcast. Details desired.

Quick notes - he used the Monkey King because the character was in lots of childrens books his parents had. He read superhero comics, not manga (Dragonball is based on the Monkey King, so I asked). He's working on a new book with Derek Kirk Kim which First Second will publish. His Slave Labor books - Loyola Chin and the San Peligran Order and Gordon Yamamoto And The King Of The Geeks are still available from that publisher.

Here's some pics.

100_4832Gene Yang and Joel Pollack at Big Planet Comics in Bethesda, Maryland.

100_4828Randy T getting a sketch from Gene Yang.

You can see the sketches here and here.

100_4825Gene Yang signing his book American Born Chinese at Big Planet Comics in Bethesda, Maryland.

100_4830Gene Yang doing a sketch at Big Planet Comics in Bethesda, Maryland.

More, similar pictures on flickr.

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