Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My pictures of the 2010 Herblock Award

100_9893 Wuerker accepting Herblock prize
Matt Wuerker making his acceptance speech.

100_9899 George Stevens Herblock lecture
George Stevens Jr. speaking about his Herblock film while Frank Swoboda looks on.

100_9902 Richard Thompson and Rob rogers
Richard Thompson and Rob Rogers.

100_9903 Michael Cavna and Kevin Rechin
Michael Cavna and Kevin Rechin.

Nick G's friend from Greece and Richard Thompson.

Kevin Rechin, Nick's friend from Greece and the back of Nick's head.

Nick Galifianakis with his friend from Greece and Richard Thompson (in the red tie) in the background.

Matt Wuerker's contemplating the uses to which the award may be put.

Everyone wants a picture of Matt with his award.

Richard Thompson - not ALL of those drinks were his.

Kevin Rechin's STILL contemplating the award.

Kevin Rechin's now got it all - the award, the girl, the cheesy grin. It's better not to ask questions.


richardcthompson said...

Re photo #3; when did I grow a mullet?

Mike Rhode said...

Oddly enough, I keep getting emailed a comment from Richard on photo #3, but it's not showing up here.

Unknown said...

Richard's using inappropriate language about me again??

Mike Rhode said...

Richard, wasn't that your special trial evening from Hair Club for Men?

richardcthompson said...

I demand you post a photo of Matt wearing his little hat at the Funny Times coffee party.

Mike Rhode said...

I'll put them up tonight, but they're already on my Flickr site. FWIW, I thought he looked good, although I don't know about wearing a felt hat when it's over 80 degrees out.