Monday, May 17, 2010

Joe Azar's Herblock award photos

Cartoonist Joe Azar sent these pictures of Matt Wuerker's Herblock award dinner over to me last month.

Herblock award winner Matt Wuerker's cartoons on display in the Library of Congress.

Wuerker surrounded by admirers.

Joe Sutliff, Nick G's date, Nick Galifianakis, Matt Wuerker and the previous year's winner Pat Bagley.

ComicsDC blogger Mike Rhode, apparently wondering what kind of seafood he just accidentally ingested.

Nick Galifianakis napping on Mike Rhode's shoulder as the speeches continued into the buffet.

Kevin Rechin may be getting ideas...


Unknown said...

In that middle photo, to Matt Wuerker's left: I believe the "?" in question is the ever-talented Mr. Pat Bagley.


Mike Rhode said...

Yes, thank you, it's fixed now. Joe Sutliff also emailed in a correction.