Monday, May 10, 2010

Comics on the Rack, Quick Picks for Comics Due 05-12-10

Quick Picks for Comics Due 05-12-10
By John Judy
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #631 by Zeb Wells, Chris Bachalo and Emma Rios.  The Lizard has the munchies and guess who's on the menu…
ASTONISHING X-MEN: XENOGENESIS #1 of 5 by Warren Ellis and Kaare Andrews.  That nice Mister Ellis is writing the X-Men so who better to draw them than a guy who makes all the X-Women look like drugged out, anorexic hookers with bad saline implants?  Nuff said!
BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #1 of 6 by Grant Morrison and Chris Sprouse.  The original caped crusader is duking his way back from the dawn of time!  Major epic-ness!
BIRDS OF PREY #1 by Gail Simone and Ed Benes.  Re-launching out of "Brightest Day" this one's got Oracle, Black Canary, Lady Blackhawk and the Huntress, plus Hawk and Dove thrown in for good measure.  Spandex never looked this good!
CAVEMEN IN SPACE SC written and drawn by Joey Weiser.  A pre-historic tribe has been hurled into the future against their will.  But enough about us…
DARK AVENGERS #16 by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato.  Final issue!  Does the Sentry-Void leave anyone alive?  Gotta look!
DAYTRIPPER #6 of 10 by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon.  The latest chapter in the lives and deaths of Bras.  Highly recommended.
EX MACHINA VOL.9: RING OUT THE OLD SC by Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris and JP Leon.  Collecting issues #40-41 and SPECIAL #4 this one sets up the series finale featuring a Bad so Big even the Great Machine may finally break down.  Highly recommended.
FIRST WAVE #2 of 6 by Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales.  Crazy pulp action with the Spirit, Doc Savage, the Blackhawks and some crazy guy dressed like a bat!
FLASH #2 by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul.  A lot has changed since Barry Allen died and came back, but he's catching up fast.  Recommended.
HELLBOY IN MEXICO (OR A DRUNKEN BLUR) ONE-SHOT by Mike Mignola and Richard Corben.  Exactly what the title says.  In this one Big Red is killing vampires down south of the border.  Recommended.
HULK #22 by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness.  The "Fall of the Hulks" appears to be over and now "World War Hulks" (in which we are all Hulks) has begun.  So wasn't somebody back there supposed to fall?
INCREDIBLE HULK #609 by Greg Pak and Paul Pelletier.  Rumor has it that one of the two Red Hulks will have his/her true identity revealed this issue.  Of course rumor also has it that the President is a secret Nazi Muslim…
JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #1 by Keith Giffen, Judd Winick and Aaron Lopresti.  Remember the funny JLA?  The one with Booster and Beetle and Fire and Ice and Captain Atom?  Well, something's trying to kill them now and it ain't just lousy sales…
KRAZY AND IGNATZ 1916-1918 SC by George Herriman.  Featuring 176 pages of "the best comic strip ever created."  Recommended.
MARVELS PROJECT #8 of 8 by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting.  Yet another final issue in which we see the cornerstone of the Marvel Universe knocked into place.  Tons of variant covers so it must be really great.  Recommended.
NEW AVENGERS FINALE #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch.  An A-list creative team makes this book a must-read even as the title begs the question: "Wait, how can a Finale also be a first issue?"
PUNISHERMAX #7 by Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon.  If you've ever wanted to read a MarvelMax Bullseye story written by someone who had any business writing it, your wait is over.  Recommended.
REPUGLICANS SC by Steve Tatham and Pete Von Sholly.  Picture 128 pages of Wacky Packages only instead of consumer products being savaged you get a serving of the icons of the American political far-right:  Sarah Palin as a vampire, Glenn Beck as a zombie and other caricatures that are far too kind.  Highly recommended.
SIEGE #4 of 4 by Brian Michael Bendis and Joe Quesada.  Big fight.  No, seriously.  Big.  Gotta look.
SUPERMAN: WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #2 of 4 by Sterling Gates, James Robinson and Eduardo Pansica.  The easiest way to explain the whole Earth vs. the Kryptonians story is this: Everyone involved except Superman is a major jerk.  Enjoy.
UNDERGROUND SC by Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber.  A collection of all five issues of this fascinating and educational thriller set in a really deep cave.  Recommended.
UNWRITTEN #13 by Mike Carey and Peter Gross.  Tommy Taylor is back in London, getting closer than ever to finding his missing dad/author.  Recommended.
WOLVERINE #900 by Everybody Who Was Present at the Last Marvel Softball Game.  Five new stories, plus classic reprints.  Two snikts up!

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