Friday, May 14, 2010

Steve Brodner on WETA tonight

Richard Thompson sent this in (locally it's on WETA at 9 pm tonight, and probably the other PBS stations as well):

Need to Know
by Steve Brodner

Friday night ... marks our first appearance on PBS' new weekly news magazine show, Need to Know. Director Gail Levin and I have been working with the same great crew from the Naked Campaign films in '08: Asterisk Studios (Richard O'Connor, Brian O'Connell, Christina Capozzi Riley), Ben Shapiro, DP.

This week: Hamid Karzai and his visit to DC. He's not easy to pin down, but we're here to do the tough ones. Here's hoping this adds some color and content to the show. And that it perhaps gives TV some ideas about how to use narrative art.

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