Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Host your own Herblock exhibit

from a posting on the Museum-L listserve

Herblock’s Political Cartoon Panel Exhibitions
Available for use in classrooms, museums, libraries, and organizations.

The Herb Block Foundation presents four panel exhibitions displaying reproductions of the work of legendary Washington Post editorial cartoonist Herbert Block, famously known as “Herblock.”

The goal of these exhibitions is to promote Herblock’s efforts to defend the rights and freedoms of Americans through his political cartoons. Prepared by Curator Harry L. Katz, these exhibitions can be used for teaching or promoting the American topics that reflect Herblock’s passions- Education, Democracy, Civil Rights and the Presidency. Together all four present a fascinating history of Herblock’s 72 year career.

No rental fee is required- only the shipping fees via Fedex or UPS are charged. The panels come in cases that are easy to move, set up and store.

A seven minute DVD, Herblock: The Man Behind the Cartoons and illustrated brochures come with the exhibitions.

For information on scheduling visit

www.herblockexhibitions.org or email loretta@elyinc.com

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