Thursday, February 01, 2018

Making Navy Sense with Robert Osborn

The Medical Heritage Library has a set of booklets illustrated by cartoonist Robert Osborn from the collection of the Navy's Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (scanned and uploaded by me). Osborn was one of the great cartoonists of the mid-century and should be better remembered. He did a lot of work for the Navy. These are all done for Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. Aviation Training Branch.

Dunking Sense (1944) NAVAER 00-80Q-2, OPNAV 33-31.

Aleutian Sense (1944) NAVAER OO-8OQ-11, OPNAV 33-49.

Arctic Sense (1944) NAVAER 00-80Q-13.

Vertigo Sense (1949) NAVAER OO-8OQ - 33.

Helicopter Rescue Sense (1954) NAVAER 00-80Q-42.


Shark Sense (1959) NAVAER 00-80Q-14.

The Navy History and Heritage Command, based in Washington, also has a page of Osborn material -

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