Monday, February 05, 2018

Magic Bullet 16 hits the streets on Friday

From editor Andrew Cohen -

We're excited to present the first look at the cover for MAGIC BULLET 16, with artwork from Hannah Dean! Look for this issue to be hitting the streets starting Friday, February 9, and continuing through the rest of the month. This issue features over thirty artists, and we're proud to present them as they appear in the table of contents: 

Art Hondos
Bizhan Khodabandeh
Carlos Torres
Troy-Jeffrey Allen and Matt Rawson
G.R. Lear
Maria Sweeney
Mike Brace
Bruce Fasick
John Kinhart
Lillie J. Harris
Evan Keeling and Matt Rhodes
Hobbes Holluck and Mike Cowgill
Matt Dembicki 
Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo
Jonathan Burrello
Jason Axtell
Paul Zdespski
Mark Lindblom
Chad Lambert and Jeff McComsey
Chris Mararac
Jake Warrenfeltz
Rafer Roberts
Eric Gordon and Jeremy Rosenstein
David Ross and Seyoung Park
Digo Salazar
Hannah Dean 
Teresa Logan
Jeff McClelland and Ian Chase Nichols
Rob Ciesielski
Jon Poliszuk 
Stephanie Butto and Evan Keeling
Chris Artiga-Oliver
Richard Jones
Andrew Cohen
Carl Yonder
Gareth Bentall
John Watkins-Chow

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