Friday, May 22, 2009

That darn Berge!

I apologize for insensitive cartoon
Washington Blade (May 22 2009): 19

To the Editors:
Re: “Disappointed by insensitive cartoon mocking blindness” (letter to the editor by Eric Peterson, May 1)

In response to the letter by Eric Petersen, I am writing to apologize for my recent cartoon about New York Gov. David Paterson. In drawing the cartoon, I had worried that some readers might perceive it as a slam against the governor’s blindness, rather than, as I was intending, a comment on LGBT leaders’ lack of readiness when he brought marriage rights issues to the fore.

Please accept my explanation that while the cartoon took Gov. Paterson’s blindness as a given condition, I in no way wanted readers to think that the cartoon was attacking him for it. I appreciate Gov. Paterson’s extraordinary courage and leadership on this issue, and I hope the drive for marriage equality in New York proves successful.

I thank Mr. Petersen for his thoughtful response to the cartoon, and I sincerely apologize.

Sturtevant, Wisc.

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