Sunday, May 17, 2009

Minicomics review: John Dimes' Lo, the Abusive Undertones!!!!

John Dimes sent me his two minicomics, Lo, the Abusive Undertones!!!!, a few weeks ago. John's minis hark back to the DIY age of photocopying that's starting to fade in the age of webcomics. The two volumes he has out now tell the beginnings of a story of anthropomorphic birds (they dress in human clothes, and act human, etc, etc). In vol. 1, Leonard and his girlfriend Shelly trade jibes about marriage and commitment, until Leonard says he'll take Shelly to meet his Mom and the mini ends there. John's art is competent - you can tell what's happening with no trouble - but feels as though he hasn't completely settled into his mature style yet. Vol. 2 picks up with Shelly and Mom meeting. Mom's got a mean streak - when talking to a friend on the phone about Shelly, Mom noted, "She complained about persistent back pain. I simply suggested that she should 'stay off of it sometimes,' and she got offended." Badda-bum. The two trade insults through most of the comic and by the end, John implies they'll be fast friends. I found it amusing to be honest, although some of the jokes can be a bit ribald.

To find these and other minis, John's website is

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