Monday, May 04, 2009


By John Judy

AGENTS OF ATLAS #4 by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman. A tale of two times: 1958 and the present day with the Agents throwing down hard in both eras. And one of them’s starting to lose his calm center. Recommended.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #593 by Mark Waid and Mark McKone. Okay, so last issue’s last panel probably had you scrubbing your eyes with lye. Now we find out how Spidey deals with the fact that Aunt May still has “a woman’s needs.” This never happened in the Lee-Ditko Era. Back then it was all wheat cakes and heart attacks…

ANGEL: BLOOD AND TRENCHES #3 written and drawn by John Byrne. An entertaining romp that succeeds in capturing the spirit of the much-missed TV show. It also begs the question of whether vampires ever fought on behalf of non-Germans in either World War. Y’know, except for good vampires…

ASTRO CITY: THE DARK AGE BOOK THREE #1 of 4 by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson. Kurt and Brent continue their epic saga of the Williams brothers, one a thug with a good heart, the other a conflicted cop. Oh, and there’s superheroes too. Recommended.

THE BEATS: A GRAPHIC HISTORY HC edited by Paul Buhle. What it sounds like: A history of the beat poets told in graphic form. Contributors include Harvey Pekar, Joyce Brabner, Peter Kuper and Trina Robbins among many others. Recommended, daddy-o!

BLAZING COMBAT HC by Archie Goodwin and a Pantheon of Sixties Art Gods. Collecting all four issues of the war comic that was so good it got put out of business by people who were afraid it would end the Vietnam War. Kudos to Fantagraphics for putting this together. Highly, highly recommended.

BOYS #30 by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. A bonus cover by Jim Lee marks the Big Three-Oh for our heroes as they each regroup in their way after the apocalyptic events of last issue. Not for kids. Recommended.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #25 by Doug Petrie and Georges Jeanty. This story is titled “Living Doll” but don’t worry. It focuses on Buffy’s sister Dawn and is NOT an awkward promotional tie-in with A Certain TV Show of Which We Do Not Speak.

CREEPY ARCHIVES VOL. 3 HC by Various Creators, including Frazetta Toth, Orlando, Morrow and Torres. The third in this series of superb horror reprints from Dark Horse Comics. Recommended.

DESTROYER #2 of 5 by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker. Destroyer destroys stuff before he is destroyed. Hey, it’s still got more heft than the Wolverine movie! Give ‘er a look!

FIN FANG FOUR RETURN #1 by Scott Gray and Roger Langridge. Admit it, you’d want to know what Triple-F, Elektro, Googam and Gorgilla were up to even if it wasn’t hysterically funny. Me too. Recommended.

FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: RUN #1 of 6 by Matthew Sturges and Freddie E. Williams II. The story of the costumed moron who taped the murder of the Martian Manhunter on his cell phone. Meet the Red Flame. Everyone hates him so now he’s got to RUN!

FLASH PRESENTS REBIRTH #2 of 5 by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver. Barry Allen! Still fast and still not dead! Gotta look!

HUMAN TORCH COMICS 70th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL by Scott Snyder and Scott Wegener. My heroes have always been flaming Golden-Age androids so I kind of have to have this. Comes with a new story and a classic reprint. And two covers to signify twice the awesomeness.

LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN CENTURY #1 (1910) by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill. The lads are at it again. Hopefully they got their game back after BLACK DOSSIER. Significantly, this is the first LOEG from Top Shelf Productions, with Moore having now completely divorced himself from DC/Wildstorm/ABC. Gotta look.

MARVEL ZOMBIES 4 #2 of 4 by Fred Van Lente and Kev Walker. The Hood’s gonna make everyone zombies unless the Marvel monsters can stop him. There. A story. Nice and straightforward. Respect.

NEW MUTANTS #1 by Zeb Wells and Diogenes Neves. It’s a reunion of the old crew as done by people whose names make me suspect that they too are mutants. Zeb and Diogenes? Right, suit up and to the Danger Room with you! PS- Four covers!

POWER GIRL #1 by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Amanda Conner. Um, I read it for the articles….

SUPERMAN WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON #3 of 12 by James Robinson, Greg Rucka and Pete Woods. Superman’s a grunt in the Kryptonian Army, but he’s a sassy one! Expect to see Private El peeling a lot of potatoes. Hoo-yah!

Y: THE LAST MAN: DELUXE EDITION VOL. 2 HC by Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra and Others. Collecting issues #11-23 of this groundbreaking series in a beautiful oversized format. Recommended.

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