Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aspiring Comics Artists Alive and Well in the DC Metro

Riding home on the Orange Line tonight, I spotted (before I even got on the train) a gentleman in a Big Planet Comics t-shirt sitting in a window seat. I made my way toward him, figuring I'd strike up a conversation, but another guy sat down in the empty seat before I could get there, and the rest of the seats were full, so I stood for the ride home, trying to crank through the final pages of David Baldacci's "The Winner" (which I finished tonight -- yet another good read by Baldacci -- I have yet to find something of his I don't enjoy, for you prose fans in the audience!). I noticed that the guy I spotted had a sketchpad and was actively working on some comics work! It took me a while to adjust to reading on the train, so I'm guessing he's had some practice if he's able to do linework with all of that jostling! Honestly, I couldn't see what he was drawing, if it was comic-y or cartoon-y, if it was roughs or a serious attempt at art, or the relative quality, but while I've bumped into people reading comics or graphic novels in the past, it's definitely the first time I've seen an artist at work on the DC Metro.

The man that took the seat next to him stared the whole time he drew (so now I know what I look like at comic shows). It was pretty amusing. I was hoping that the starer would leave the train, vacating the seat and giving me an opportunity to chat before the artist and obvious comic fan left, but the artist got off at Ballston and I took his seat next to the starer instead. :-P

Still, it's heartening to have seen someone obviously interested in comics on the train putting pencil to paper! If you're a reader, Mr. Artist, drop us a comment!

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