Sunday, May 31, 2009

John Dimes in new anthology

PR from John Dimes

Pre-Order The Versus Anthology Now! Ships June 1

The Versus Anthology
edited by Josh Woods
6 x 9, 192 p. paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9824416-1-9

Let’s pick a fight. And not just any fight; let’s pick a fight between our most iconic characters and forces, or even between extraordinary, original characters, or with people from our very real pasts. Anything goes. Some of today’s most innovative writers and artists did just that in this book: each picked a conflict, made it come to life, and now present the aftermath to you here in the first anthology to take up this challenge, Versus.

Featuring graphic stories by Pinckney Benedict, John Dimes, and Kyle Minor, plus the first story ever published by El Pollo Diablo, Dead Pirate of the Netherworld! Other authors include Alexander Lumans, John McNally, Susan Woodring, Brad Vice, Michael Garriga, Margaret McMullan, John Flaherty, Matt Guenette, Michael Theune, Danielle Girard Kraus, Curtis Smith, Andrew Scott, Michael Kimball, Okla Elliott, Stacey Richter, Laura Benedict, Becky Hagenston, K.H. Solomon, and Josh Woods.

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