Monday, July 14, 2008

R.C. Harvey's Rabbit Habit still available for trial read

Earlier today Bob Harvey sent this out to his email list:

After a brief solstician interlude, we hop right back, bringing you a continuation of our Open Access Month. In our hare-brained installment this week, we report, at great length, on the recently concluded annual convention of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, which brought its struggle against overwhelming odds to the Alamo, whereupon we unearth a rare artifact, Texas History Movies, and explain its name. We also review Betsy and Me, a book reprinting Jack Cole's last work of genius, and we ponder the inexplicable Nancy on a billboard and Samuel Beckett's fascination with the Bushmiller strip. All that and the usual round-up of some news and minor reviews. Beam up by clicking below. And when you get there, to gain access to all these intellectual riches, use Hogan as your ID; Alley as your password. The device is case sensitive, so be sure to capitalize Hogan and Alley. The ID and Password come to us courtesy Hogan's Alley magazine, an annual visitation to comic strips and cartooning that's worth your attention at . Try it, you'll like it.

Stay Tooned,
R.C. Harvey

Wait! Read on!! We're featuring a special Open Access month at Rants & Raves until July 31. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the Happy Harv's nefarious bolt hole and read the current issue of "Rancid Raves," plus any (or all) archived R&Rs since May 1999, when it began, and all of Harv's Hindsights, articles of cartooning history and lore---all without paying the usual admittance pittance, a mere $3.95/quarter subscription. To open the Sesame, when you are asked for your ID and Password, use Hogan as your ID; Alley as your Password at . (And if you don't know that the ID/Password refers to a dandy annual magazine about comics and cartooning, then visit Hogan's Alley online at .) Hogan and Alley are case sensitive, so capitalize the first letter of each.

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