Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hellboy game review in Onion UPDATED

This is in the physical paper this week - "Hellboy: Science Of Evil," Reviewed by Scott Jones, Onion July 21st, 2008.

Other items on comics are appearing on their website:

Jeff Smith
Interviewed by Tasha Robinson
Onion July 28th, 2008

Jules Feiffer
interviewed by Sam Adams
Onion July 29th, 2008

Mike Mignola
Interviewed by Jason Heller
July 24th, 2008

The Luna Brothers
Interviewed by Tasha Robinson
Onion July 25th, 2008

San Diego Comic Con, Day 0: July 23, 2008
By Keith Phipps
Onion July 24th, 2008

Your guide to the WALL-E controversy
posted by: Sean O'Neal
July 10, 2008

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