Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comics in the World photographs - Rehoboth Beach, Deleware

I've got a folder on my harddrive labeled "Comics in the World" where I've shot pics of comics-related items in the wider world. Here's a selection from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

beach 2008 012
Louie's Pizza interpreted a Mad magazine cover from June 1976 for decoration.

HPIM0209 Disney Cheshire Cat car
HPIM0210 Disney Cheshire Cat car
Disney's Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland on a car hood.

HPIM0218 Seuss in Rehoboth
Dr. Seuss prints on sale in a gallery. Supposedly signed, they weren't. I'm sure these were printed after his death.

HPIM0232 Simsons pinball
HPIM0233 Simpsons pinball
HPIM0234 Simpsons pinball
Simpson's Kooky Carnival pinball game.

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Rob Tornoe said...

Next time you're in Rehoboth, go to Nicola's and order a Nic-a-boli. Ground beef, cheese and crust beats paintings on the wall any day!