Thursday, January 23, 2020

PR: New Grumble comic from Rafer Roberts in pre-order

Grumble: Memphis and Beyond the Infinite #1

A con-artist trapped in a pug's body and his half-demon daughter take a psychedelic trip across the universe in GRUMBLE: MEMPHIS AND BEYOND THE INFINITE!

You can't keep a bad dog down! Eddie Endino, the unrepentant crook trapped in a pug's body, and Tala Palacio, Eddie's half-demon daughter, return this March in a brand new mini-series published by Albatross Funnybooks. Written by Rafer Roberts and illustrated by Mike Norton,  GRUMBLE: MEMPHIS AND BEYOND THE INFINITE follows Eddie and Tala as they embark on a cross-dimensional rescue mission to the far side of reality where danger lurks around every corner…but where the real threat may be each other!

"Eddie and Tala have been through a lot together. They've lied, cheated, and conned their way across America, while growing to genuinely like each other. But this new adventure is going to test their tenuous family bonds like never before," said GRUMBLE writer and co-creator Rafer Roberts. "It's really a heart-touching tale of a deadbeat dad, who happens to be a pug, trying to reconnect with his daughter, while also attempting to rescue her mother from the evil forces who live in an alternate reality hellscape."

"GRUMBLE is a weird comic, and this series is only gonna make it weirder." says GRUMBLE artist and co-creator Mike Norton. "Rafer has done some really epic world building in this story, I'm so proud of this book!"

GRUMBLE: MEMPHIS AND BEYOND THE INFINITE #1 is a great jumping-on point for new readers who may not be familiar with Eddie and Tala's brand of heartwarming mayhem. "I pride myself on writing comics that are accessible no matter if you pick up an issue one or issue twelve," explains Roberts. "But all you really need to know with the new series is that Eddie's a jerk who got himself stuck in a pug's body and he's been recruited by his estranged daughter Tala to help rescue her mom from space prison."

While most of the action takes place in Tennessee and other psychedelic parallel dimensions, the new series takes special care not to forget where it started. "Yeah. We're sure spending a lot of time in Baltimore for a comic series with Memphis in the title," quips Norton. However, revisiting the "Charm City" of Baltimore is more than just a way to annoy Memphis-native Norton. "Eddie is an incredibly selfish jerk who would throw his own mother under a bus to save himself," Roberts explains. "But now he's heading across the universe to rescue a woman he hasn't seen in nearly 20 years. So, we're going to spend a little time in Baltimore and see exactly what went down between Eddie and Tala's mom back in the day, and learn why Eddie would put his life on the line for her now."

Adding her unmistakable coloring expertise to the strange alien landscapes is returning colorist Marissa Louise. "Working on GRUMBLE is my monthly treat. It's a comic I'm so proud of and in love with!" says Louise. "Rafer writes a beautiful father/daughter dynamic and Mike's imagination is unmatched. Plus I get to color this book in a completely unhinged way!"

"I love making this comic," said GRUMBLE writer Rafer Roberts. "Eddie and Tala have become like my own awful children, and I find myself in constant awe every time a new page of artwork shows up in my inbox. Mike and Marissa are masters of conveying action and emotion to the point where I get chills reading my own comic! And having Crank! on letters just ties everything together perfectly. I can't wait till March!"

GRUMBLE: MEMPHIS AND BEYOND THE INFINITE #1 (of 5) hits shelves March 25th, 2020, and is currently available for preorder.

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