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10 Frightfully Delicious Tales

By Cuddles and Rage

Foreword by Phil Nobile, Jr., 

editor in chief of Fangoria magazine

Praise for Liz and Jimmy Reed (aka Cuddles and Rage):

"Liz and Jimmy Reed create work that is cute—but it always has a twist."National Endowment of the Arts

"Their style is unique and adds a different flavor to characters and ideas we know and love."—Nerdist


Tales from the Crypt meets All My Friends Are Dead in Bites of Terror: 10 Frightfully Delicious Tales (Quirk Books; On sale: March 24, 2020) by the creative duo Cuddles and Rage, also known as Liz and Jimmy Reed. The team's adorably creepy work began as a webcomic and has been featured everywhere from Nerdist to the Washington Post. Now they're bringing their unique combination of adorable hand-sculpted characters, meticulously designed dioramas, and photographed panels to a graphic novel that's sure to delight anyone with a dark sense of humor. In the book's foreword, Fangoria magazine's Phil Nobile, Jr. notes that Cuddles and Rage is "a brilliant storytelling duo that examines the human condition through stories about anthropomorphic foods who live rich, full, hilarious, and often relatable lives."

From an ice cream cone who makes an ill-fated deal with the devil('s food cake) to a moldy strawberry craving one last dip in a bowl of whipped cream, Bites of Terror's characters find themselves caught in various fear-filled scenarios, each with a uniquely morbid twist ending. Introducing the tales is the Cake Creeper, a partially eaten groom's cake who seems to have a sinister agenda. Here's a sampling of sinful stories to whet your appetite:

  • Deviled Egg: A freak accident has a Jekyll-and-Hyde effect, leaving a hard-boiled egg split in two sides—one good, one evil.

  • Pizza Party Massacre: A pizza slice working in children's entertainment reluctantly agrees to attend a last-minute birthday party at a previous client's house, the site of a violent incident.

  • Death by Chocolate: At the request of his police chief, a turnip detective grudgingly allows a banana from the press to tail him as he investigates a murder spree perpetrated by a killer who removes the chocolate from his tasty victims. 

  • Unfortunate Cookie: After his mother's death, a fortune cookie gains her gift of second sight, but his newfound knowledge may be more curse than blessing. 

  • Preserved: A peach tries to keep her life and household afloat while dealing with the incessant criticism and neediness of her mother (and roommate).

No detail is spared in these hand-crafted stories, from the delightfully morbid, pun-filled humor to each carefully constructed character and scene. Just like watching a horror movie—knowing a terrible fate will inevitably befall the characters—readers will be tempted to reach into the pages and save these food folk from their fates.


Cuddles and Rage—aka Liz and Jimmy Reed—are the cocreators of a world of disturbingly cute stories. Their original webcomic featuring handmade dioramas of anthropomorphic foods has expanded into books, animation, and product design. Their clients include Netflix, HarperCollins, TLC, and the Science Channel. They live and work in the DC area. 

Bites of Terror:

10 Frightfully Delicious Tales

Written by Cuddles and Rage

All Art by Cuddles and Rage

Publisher: Quirk Books

On sale: March 24, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-68369-164-8

e-ISBN: 978-1-68369-165-5

Price: $14.99 US/$19.99 CAN; Trade Paperback Original

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