Friday, June 01, 2018

Not From Brazil's Vanessa Bettencourt on the move

Not From Brazil's Vanessa Bettencourt is literally on the move as she and her husband leave Alexandria for the midwest as she mentions in her latest webcomic.

We wish them well.

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Vanessa Bettencourt Art said...

Thank you so much. This was a great city to fall and start a new life, in just 3 years I had the opportunity to meet amazing and talented people. But new adventures await us and I was running out of ideas to make more episodes. Notfrombrazil characters will experience what many of you have, a change of city, state and job. So I hope you keep following us ( as soon as I have my studio unpacked and ready to create again. I will see you around and I will keep in touch with more cartoons or on my blog (official site - Vanessa Bettencourt