Monday, June 18, 2018

Mark Wheatley's new book is just about out

I saw Mark Wheatley at the Ralph Steadman exhibit opening and he confirmed that Doctor Cthulittle, his new book as featured in Scoop recently, is about to begin shipping its limited Kickstarted edition. He wrote in,

My DOCTOR CTHULITTLE book is complete and I'll have copies from the printer in one week. Currently it is being solicited through PREVIEWS (item code JUN181840) - the PREVIEWS ONLINE link is

We are selling copies through the online store now and will be shipping starting next week:

This is a fully painted, hardback book at 64 pages plus painted endpapers and a special signing plate, signed by both creators, limited to 1000 copies. So that makes this really 69 pages of all original material.It is amazing to think that I have six years of my creative time invested in this book, and the moment of truth is at hand!

The interview in Scoop was really quite complete. About the only thing I can add is that Mark told me that there are two physical paintings done for the book, but all the rest is digital. I'm going to see if I can tell when I read the e-book he's sent over to me. Mark is hoping to bring a trade edition out with a publisher, because there's only a small number of the special edition for sale now.

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