Thursday, June 07, 2018

June 9: Isola creators at Third Eye Comics

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Hello Third Eye Faithful!

When we first took a glance at ISOLA - we knew right away that this book was going to be truly special, and Third Eye Faithful, after sitting down with issue #1 - we can tell you we were absolutely right.
This lush, gorgeously illustrated sci-fi fantasy epic takes us back to our youth when we spent way too much time playing FINAL FANTASY VII, and eagerly sought out every Miyazaki film we could find.
Seriously though, imagine the world-building and epic storytelling of SEVEN TO ETERNITY and mix that with a STUDIO GHIBLI aesthetic, and that sums up ISOLA very well.
And, because we're so pumped on the book, we've put together a very special signing to bring ISOLA creators BRENDEN FLETCHER (BATGIRL OF BURNSIDE, MOTOR CRUSH, GOTHAM ACADEMY) and KARL KERSCHL (GOTHAM ACADEMY) to Third Eye!

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