Monday, June 11, 2018

June 15: PAPER CUTS / LIVE Comic Extravaganza

PAPER CUTS / LIVE Comic Extravaganza

Join us for the final PAPER CUTS / LIVE conversation, curated by artist Christopher Kardambikis and featuring comic book artists: Adam Griffiths, Kendra and Kat, Athena Naylor, and Anna Sellheim. The conversation and reading will be recorded and archived as a PAPER CUTS podcast. This is part of an ongoing series of conversations related to Bookshelves: PAPER CUTS / LIVE which is on view through July 5.


Washington Project for the Arts
2124 8th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001


Friday, June 15, 2018, 7:30pm

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Bookshelves: PAPER CUTS / LIVE

February 16  July 5, 2018

About the artists

Adam Griffiths is a cartoonist, illustrator and arts organizer based in the DC region. Griffiths' studio practice is cartooning, comics, and illustration-focused with a politicized, diy image production ethos that he calls ZAGO.  He has exhibited his illustration and video work with Washington Project for the Arts, Hillyer Art Space, School 33, the International Curatorial and Studio Practice (ISCP) program, and Transformer Gallery. He has completed workshops and residencies at The Center for Cartooning Studies in White River Junction, VT and Comics Workbook in Pittsburgh, PA, and tabled at the annual Small Press Expo (SPX) in Bethesda. He will present his first solo show at Arlington Art Center in Virginia in 2018. Recently, he published the first installment of his 600-page graphic novel Washington White as a tabloid newspaper, and last year released his first mini-comic, The Permanent Night. Online, he posts full-color illustrations, numerous character sketches, works-in-process, and a weekly comic strip titled American Cryo-. 

Kendra & Kat have been making comics together for 8 years, and plotting over cupcakes for far longer. With comics and zines that run the gamut from queer space pirate shenanigans to illustrated cookbooks inspired by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, they are driven by sparkles and fun. Their work has been featured in anthologies such as Coven and Purity, and they've been a staple in the DC-area comic scene since tabling at DC Zinefest back in 2012.

Athena Naylor is an autobiographical cartoonist and illustrator based in DC and originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Included in her many interests are: perceptions of memory, everyday absurdity, and contemporary adaptations of historical events and stories. She earned a master's degree in art history to explore the relationship between art history and comics, and her writing has been featured in DIRT magazine. You can most easily find updates on her current creative projects on instagram @athena.naylor.

Anna Sellheim is a cartoonist practicing out of Rehoboth Beach DE and is desperately trying to relocate back to the DC/Baltimore area. Her work tends to focus on mental health and progressive politics. She received her MFA in cartooning from the Center For Cartoon Studies in 2016. She has been in multiple anthologies including Sweaty Palms, Dirty Diamonds Vol 6, and Comics for Choice. Her second volume of her mental health series Everything's Fine has been nominated for a Broken Pencil Zine Award, received an honorable mention for a DINKy award in the best zine category, and won a MICE mini grant.

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