Friday, July 15, 2016

'Fight the Bite' and Zika

While at a pool in Fairfax, I noticed a public announcement regarding mosquitoes and Zika that included art very similiar to the work of local cartoonist Joe Sutliff. And it looked like it might be re-purposed from some of his previous work for Fairfax County. I asked Joe, and sure enough it was his work and it was re-purposed. Here's his email reply (with his permission to post):

"Yes, that's my art from some of the projects I've done for them. Because it's sold to the VA government, they get to use it as much as they want. They showed the posters to me after they did them - the CDC is getting slammed with requests for Zika materials, and they don't have anything ready, so these were thrown together. All public pools in Fairfax will soon feature one."

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