Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Post on dropping Get Fuzzy

Following yesterday's announcement of the addition of Wumo, Michael Cavna digs a bit deeper into why Get Fuzzy was selected to be dropped. The comments in the first article are also worth reading. 

POST DROPS 'GET FUZZY': O, how high the tolerance for comic-strip reruns?
By Michael Cavna 
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog October 30 2013

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Redhulk1982 said...

I personally think it's a bad move on your part to drop get fuzzy your readership will decrease and I also think Wumo is humorless and bland. What may be popular in Europe may not be popular in America due to cultural differences and what we consider funny. Darby Conley has creativity and originality and his jokes are intelligent and never fail to deliver laughs. Stone Soup should have been dropped because it is bland and humorless or Arlo and Janis same thing bland and humorless.