Friday, October 25, 2013

Artley's Aphelion Arc's Exiles of Nod story is expanded version

Steve Artley previously published this story in Magic Bullet, but he tells me that his new webcomic, The Aphelion Arc has an extended version:

"The Exiles of Nod story can be viewed in its entirety, laid out in slide format for online viewing. Some new panels were added and the story has been enhanced from its original condensed version. Other stories are currently in production. I'm anticipating at least one full story per month to be completed, with previews appearing on the website. The print version will be a compilation of three stories, plus the "nerds' appendix." This special section provides a bit of insight and back story on the stories in each issue. Currently, I'm investigating funding options for printing and distributing the magazine. Michael Auger was the webmaster who brought vast plethora of my web artwork to life. "

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