Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Cartoon Picayune Spring 2012 Issue

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The Spring Issue Is Here! 

Welcome readers, to the newly combined Josh Kramer and Cartoon Picayune Emails. The reason I've gathered you here today is that I have a new issue of The Cartoon Picayune. It is forty pages of excellent non-fiction comic stories. I can brag like that mostly because I've really approached this issue as Editor more than main artist — I'm only in it for two pages. However, these guys are great. Andy Warner is the featured artist this issue, with his 16-page story The Man Who Built Beirut. It's an incredible look into the story of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. This issue like the others, is only $4 (plus another dollar for shipping) and available for sale on the site.



Subscribe today starting with the new issue or the next one (to be released in September). Subscriptions are only $10 for two issues or $20 for four issues. Don't worry about missing a new issue as it is released, and enjoy the satisfaction that your subscription gives me the capital up front to be able to do this. Plus there are cool freebies that I send to you along with your issues. 


I would love, no seriously, I would love it to no end, if you were to send me a letter. Here's the thing though, this is a handwritten zine, and I don't want your tweets, emails, etc. Write or draw me something using this template, and I'll print it or post it on the site!


So I'm not gonna be sharing this much around the usual social networks, but I had to tell somewhere: I'm starting a new tumblr. As often as I can bear, I'm gonna adapt articles and other works of non-fiction into short little comics like this. It's called Sequential News, and it's a way to force myself to draw more. We'll see how it goes. It doesn't explicitily relate to The CP, but who knows how it might in the future, especially for subscribers (wink, wink).
"A growing number of artists and writers are creating reported, researched, factual work these days, and a doing brilliant, memorable job of it. They're also finding an audience, and that audience wants more! So Josh Kramer has tapped into something significant by making The Cartoon Picayune a new home for this vibrant subgenre, and he keeps proving it with each issue."
-Rob Walker, The New York Times Magazine, Design Observer

The CP On Tour

TCAF, Toronto, May 5th and 6th ISSUE 3 DEBUT

CAKE, Chicago, June 16th and 17th

D.C. Zine Fest, Washington, D.C., July 28th

SPX, Bethesda, September 15th and 16th

Stores that sell The CP

Quimby's Bookstore - Chicago, IL
Chicago Comics - Chicago, IL
Jim Hanley's Universe - New York, NY
Forbidden Planet - New York, NY
Fat Jack's Comics Crypt - Philadelphia, PA
Atomic Books - Baltimore, MD
Politics & Prose - Washington, D.C.
SMASH! - Washington, D.C.
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