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Big Planet Comics Orbit Newsletter - May 3, 2012

Big Planet Comics

May 3, 2012

Free Comic Book Day Saturday!

This Saturday, May 5, is the annual Free Comic Book Day! As always, all of our stores are participating, so stop by and get some free comics! It's also a great time to bring your friends or children in too! We have been receiving our free comic books over the last few weeks, and there are a LOT this year. Avengers, DC New 52, Simpsons, Mega Man, a HARDCOVER from Archaia, Serenity, Star Wars, Yo Gabba Gabba, Adventure Time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spider-Man, and more! You can see the full list of free comics at

We are also having signings at two of our stores in conjunction with Free Comic Book Day. Jeremy Whitley and Jorge Aguirre, who both write great all ages comics (Princeless and Giants Beware!) will be at our Vienna store from 11-1 and our College Park store from 3-5. They will be signing copies of their comics, and happy to talk to young fans and readers too! More information is below.

We might also have a few special guests (like the Ghostbusters!)

Feel free to forward on our newsletter, and please send us any comments or mailing list requests to

- the Big Planet Comics kids

UPCOMING May 5 - Free Comic Book Day & Jeremy Whitley & Jorge Aguirre Signing

Free Comic Book Day is on Saturday! Bring your friends, we have a lot of great comics to give away this year! To see the complete list, go to!

In addition, we are proud to present 2 great comic book writers, who have just published some great all-ages fantasy adventure comics! Jeremy Whitley writes Princeless, and Jorge Aguirre writes Giants Beware! They will be appearing at our Vienna and College Park stores.

11 am-1 pm
Big Planet Comics of Vienna
426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180

3 pm-5 pm
Big Planet Comics of College Park
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740


Fallen Words SC

by Yoshihiro Tatsumi

Right after finishing his amazing autobiographic history of Japanese comics A Drifting Life, Tatsumi started a series of shorts based on humorous traditional moral stories, and this book has 8, from a poor man pretending to be rich, a man haunted by the ghosts of his wife AND his mistress, a dad trying to deal with his bratty kid, to a man who makes a deal with death! Strange twists, great stories, funny moments! Amazing!

Fury: My War Gone By #1

by Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov

In 1954, Nick Fury is stationed in Saigon as CIA station chief as the French try to hold on against the nationalist revolution of the Vietnamese. An idealistic young spy, a mysterious woman, and a tough French officer lead him out to an ill-positioned outpost deep in the jungle. Stark and fantastic, you can feel the danger building.

The Spider #1

by David Liss and Colton Worley
Richard Wentworth returns as the classic pulp vigilante, The Spider! He stalks and eliminates the scum of his city, but soon is confronted with what may be his worst foe yet, in a scene of shocking violence!

Dogs of War SC

by Johnny Zito, Tony Trov, Christian Weiser and Paul Maybury
A science team trying to terraform Mars is confronted by rebellion in the ranks as their leader seems to lose control, equipment malfunctions, and the possibility that they are not alone on Mars after all! An action-thriller in the mode of John Carpenter's The Thing.

Teen Boat HC

by Dave Roman and John Green

The angst of being a teen! The thrill of being a boat! Who needs werewolves when you have a wereboat? Teen Boat has all the usual problems at school, but luckily he can also change into a boat! But what happens when the cool kids want him to take them out to international waters for a gambling weekend? Or pirates come after him? Drama and romance and hilarity!

Mind the Gap #1

by Jim McCann, Rodin Esquejo, and Sonia Oback

A young woman is mysteriously assaulted and put in a coma. Which of the characters we meet in this first issue did it? And now that see can leave her comatose body as a spirit, she is confronted by the strange supernatural world, even as she tries to wake up again. Strange, compelling, and detailed!

Dial H #1

by China Miéville and Mateus Santolouco
Sci-fi novelist Miéville comes to comics with one of his favorite classics, a phone that will turn anyone who uses it into a hero - but a random one each time! Strange, surreal, and rather funny, this is a great start, especially Captain Lachrymose!

Animal Man 1: The Hunt SC

by Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman
Buddy Baker is trying to quit being a hero, but now his young daughter Maxine is manifesting her own powers, and they are forced to take a journey into the opposition to his animal-based powers, the zone called The Red. Jeff Lemire created one of the smash hits of the New 52, now get the first 6 issues! Great art by Foreman too.
American Vampire Vol 2 SC
Avengers Black Widow Strikes #1 (Of 3)
Avengers vs. X-Men #3 (Of 12)
Bart Simpson's Pal Milhouse #1
Batman and Robin Vol 3 Batman and Robin Must Die SC
Danger Club #1 2nd Ptg
Epic Kill #1
Exiled #1
Garfield #1
GI Joe 2: Retaliation Movie Prequel SC
The Influencing Machine SC
Justice League Vol 1 Origin HC
Kiki De Montparnasse SC
Locke & Key Vol 4 Keys To The Kingdom SC
Lou! Vol 2: Summertime Blues SC
Planet Of The Apes Vol 2 SC
Rex Zombie Killer One Shot
Robert Wells Trilogy Vol 1 Sacrifice SC
Skeleton Key Color Special One Shot
Smallville Season 11 #1
Roger Langridge's Snarked Vol 1 SC
Jack Kirby's Spirit World HC
Worlds' Finest #1
X-O Manowar #1

Big Planet Comics Podcast #43
Kevin, Nick and Jared discuss Before Watchmen a LOT, and review some great comics! Download now or subscribe on iTunes!
Dial H #1 by China Miéville and Mateus Santolouco
Dogs of Mars SC by Johnny Zito, Tony Trov, Christian Weiser and Paul Maybury
Earth 2 #1 by James Robinson and Nicola Scott
Epic Kill #1 by Raffaele Ienco
Fallen Words SC by Yoshihiro Tatsumi
Fury: My War Gone By #1 by Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov
G.I. Combat #1 by J.T. Krul, Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Ariel
Olivetti, and Dan Panosian
Mind the Gap #1 by Jim McCann, Rodin Esquejo, and Sonia Oback
Shooters HC by Eric Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa and Steve Lieber
The Spider #1 by David Liss and Colton Worley
Teen Boat HC by Dave Roman and John Green
Worlds' Finest #1 by Paul Levitz, George Pérez, and Kevin Maguire
X-O Manowar #1 by Robert Venditti and Cary Nord

Send us questions to or call us at 1-703-539-CAST! (1-703-539-2278)
5/5 - Free Comic Book Day
All stores!

5/5 - Jeremy Whitley
Signing Princeless 11am-1pm
426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180

Signing Princeless 3pm-5pm
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740

5/5 - Jorge Aguirre
Signing Giants Beware! 11am-1pm
426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180

Signing Giants Beware! 3pm-5pm
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740

5/26 - Jerry Gaylord
Signing Fanboys vs. Zombies
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740

6/2 - Russ Kick
Signing The Graphic Canon
4849 Cordell Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814

6/9 - Nick Abadzis
Signing Hugo Tate
4849 Cordell Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814

7/4 - 20% off Sale
All stores!

7/28 - Matt Dembicki
Signing Xoc 11am-1pm
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740

Signing Xoc 3pm-5pm
426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180

New Next Week 5/9

(Let us know if you want any of these!)
2000 AD #1778
Alabaster Wolves #2 (Of 5)
Amazing Spider-Man Parallel Lives #1
America's Got Powers #1 (Of 6) 2nd Ptg
Artifacts #17
Astonishing X-Men Vol 7 Monstrous SC
Atomic Robo Vol 6 Ghost Of Station X SC
Avengers Assemble #3
Avengers Private War Of Dr Doom HC
Avengers X-Sanction HC
Avenging Spider-Man #7
Babys In Black HC
Batgirl #9 (Night Of The Owls)
Batman #9 (Night Of The Owls)
Batman And Robin #9 (Night Of The Owls)
Batman Arkham Unhinged #2
Batman Vol 1 The Court Of Owls HC
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #201
Bible HC
Brightest Day Vol 2 SC
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Freefall #9
Captain America #11
Captain America And Hawkeye #630
Captain America By Ed Brubaker Vol 2 HC
Choker Vol 1 SC
Courtney Crumrin #2
Crossed Badlands #5
Dan The Unharmable #1
Dark Shadows #5
Deadpool #51 2nd Ptg
Deadpool #52 2nd Ptg
Deadpool #54
Deathstroke #9
Dejah Thoris & White Apes Of Mars #2
Demon Knights #9
Doctor Who Classics Series IV #4 (Of 6)
Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms #1
Essential Black Panther Vol 1 Sc
Fairest #3
Fatale #5
Ferals #5
FLCL Omnibus GN
Forgetless: Live To See Last Call SC New Ed
Fracture Vol 1 SC
Frankenstein Agent Of Shade #9
Frankenstein Alive Alive #1
GI Joe Vol 2 #13
Green Lantern #9
Green Wake Vol 2 Lost Children SC
Grifter #9
Higher Earth #1
Hulk #51
Hulk Smash Avengers #2 (Of 5)
Incorruptible #29
Invincible #91
Izombie #25
Journey Into Mystery #637 Exiled
Justice League International Vol 1 Signal Mast SC
Legion Lost #9 (The Culling)
Lobster Johnson The Burning Hand #5 (Of 5)
Lord Of The Jungle #4
Magneto Not A Hero SC
Manara Erotica Vol 1 HC
Manhattan Projects #2 2nd Ptg
Marvel Universe Avengers Earths Heroes #2
Marvel Zombies Destroy #1 (Of 5)
Mastering Comics SC
Mega Man #13
Megalex Complete Story HC
Memorial #5 (Of 6)
Mmw Avengers Vol 12 HC
Morning Glories #18
Mystery In Space #1
Naruto Vol 56 SC
New Avengers #26 Avx
Night Force #3 (Of 6)
Night Of 1000 Wolves #1 (Of 3)
Nonnonba GN
Oz Ozma Of Oz SC
Pokemon Black & White Vol 07 SC
The Pro SC New Ptg
Punisher #11
Resurrection Man #9
Scarlet Spider #5
Scooby Doo Where Are You #21
Secret #1 2nd Ptg
Silver Surfer Parable HC
Skullkickers #14
Space Ducks: Infinite Comic Book Musical HC
Spider-Man Identity Crisis SC New Ptg
Spider-Man Inside World Of Friendly Neighborhood HC
Spider-Man Season One HC
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic War #5 (Of 5)
Story Of Saiunkoku Vol 7 SC
Suicide Squad #9
Superboy #9 (The Culling)
Superman Grounded Vol 1 SC
Takio #1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics #1
Thief Of Thieves #3 Var Cvr 2nd Ptg
Thing Serpent Crown Affair HC
The Tick #100 The Tick Meets Invincible
Trio #1
Ultimate Comics Ultimates #10
Ultimate Comics X-Men #11
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 12 HC
Uncanny X-Force #25
Walking Dead #97
Wasteland #37
Robert Jordan Wheel Of Time Eye Of The World #24
Wolverine #306
Wolverine And X-Men #10 AVX
World Of Archie Double Digest #17
X-Men Legacy #266 AVX
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