Saturday, March 20, 2010

'Losers' comic book a prize in Style Invitational contest, while Staake is taken to task

In today's Style Invitational contest, 2nd prize is an issue of DC Comics' The Losers #176 from the 1970s: Second place gets a comic book we're surprised we hadn't heard about before: This 1970s series was about a group of Nazi-fighting World War II heroes -- one for each branch of the services -- who called themselves the Losers because they kept getting refrigerator magnets with stupid cartoons on them. No, it was because men had died under their command. Whatever, this is an original comic, sealed in plastic, and was donated by Fighting Loser Peter Metrinko.

Nice Joe Kubert cover on that comic. The early issues were covered by Jack Kirby. I'm surprised they haven't heard of the comic, because DC brought it back 8 years or so ago, set in Rwanda perhaps, and it's now being turned into a movie.

Meanwhile, on the letters page, cartoonist Bob Staake is taken to task for his drawings for last week's contest. Humor.. . it's just so not funny.

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