Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nina Paley interview done by local blogger online now

Caroline Small's interview with Nina Paley is up at, with part 2 now up as well. Caro, as I've never called her, joined HU last month, and one can frequently find her lurking around cartoonist events in DC, although she always claims she's there for her cousin. Well, now the truth is out.

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Caroline Small said...

HA! All you comics people sucked me in. It's contagious. (I don't usually go by Caro; I'd just commented so much under that name by the time I joined HU that it stuck. Guess I have to answer to it now!)

The Paley interview is actually part of a roundtable on cartooning and copyright; she had a lot of trouble with copyright restrictions when she was trying to release her film Sita Sings the Blues. Later this week there will be follow-up posts from an IP lawyer and a musician taking the pro-copyright side. Interesting stuff!