Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PR: KAL returns from Public diplomacy trip to Middle East and releases iPhone App

We noticed he was gone, and now KAL tells us he's back -

Friends and colleagues

I wanted to share with you some recent exciting news. 

I have just returned from a 12 day visit to Amman, Jordan and Beirut, Lebanon as part of a strategic speaker initiative sponsored by the US Embassies in the region. During my visit I addressed a wide variety of groups including University students on six campuses, cartoonists, animators, journalists, and civic leaders. Our discussions centered on  the opportunities and limitations of political cartoons in promoting freedom of expression. There was great interest in the region in the program particularly in light of the controversial Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

My visit garnered a good bit of media exposure. There were numerous press and television interviews. Links to some of the news stories along with photos and observations from the trip will be available on my blog (www.kaltoons.com/wordpress) in the days ahead.

A also would like to announce the launch of the first KAL iPhone App.  Created in conjunction with RevelMob, the iKal-Book is just $.99 and available at the iTunes store. Please see our press release below.


Kevin Kallaugher


Kevin KAL Kallaugher, the editorial cartoonist for The Economist magazine, launches his first iPhone app  


If you love fun and witty political cartoons of the highest quality, you will love the new iPhone application by Kevin KAL Kallaugher, the world-renowned editorial cartoonist for The Economist magazine.

Designed for the iPhone, this new application is an impressive collection of KAL's award winning political cartoons, hand-picked by the artist himself.  Browse through 150+ examples of KAL's work, including 29 color covers and illustrations from The Economist magazine. Store them on your iPhone, upload to Facebook or share with friends. 

Kal uses his poison pen to comment on Presidential elections, the War on Terror, American politics and international affairs. 

"Speaking about the iKal Book app, Kevin KAL Kallaugher said:

"iKal Book is more than an assembly of individual cartoons... together, the over 150 images read like a history lesson of recent world events."

"Among the award winning art found in the iKal-book are all the cartoons from my print collection "KAL Draws Criticism"($20.00) but at a fraction of the cost ($.99)"

Roman Grigorjev, Founder and Managing Partner of Revel Mob, comments:

"Cartoons are graphically engaging, instantaneous and fun to share with friends ... making them perfect for mobile devices like smartphones and iPhone in particular"

Revel Mob and KAL are also looking into developing more interactive and engaging applications for KAL in the near future and are welcoming any ideas and contributions as to what you would like to see in the next KAL iPhone application. Make your ideas count - post them on Revel Mob's Facebook Fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RevelMob/296197102796?ref=ts

The iKal Book app is available for $0.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod Touch.

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