Sunday, March 14, 2010

ACT-I-VATE at Politics and Prose pictures

ACT-I-VATE webcomics people at Politics & Prose, l-r Simon Fraser, Jim Dougan, Joe Infurnari, and Dean Haspiel. Further down, Jim and Joe switch seats...

100_9738 ACT-I-VATE

100_9739 ACT-I-VATE
(that's Jim's wife who read some of the parts in the comics)

100_9741 ACT-I-VATE

100_9740 ACT-I-VATE

100_9743 ACT-I-VATE

100_9742 ACT-I-VATE

100_9744 ACT-I-VATE


Chatterbox said...

Mike - thanks for posting these! One correction: from left to right, it's Fraser, Dougan, Infurnari, Haspiel (you flipped Joe and me).

Mike Rhode said...

I blocked from seeing these at the moment, but in the first pic, aren't you seated next to Dino? I thought you swapped seats for the reading.