Saturday, November 02, 2013

Those darn editorial cartoons and Close to Home comic strips

Letter to the Editor: Reinforcing the stereotype of engineers and mathematicians

Washington Post November 2 2013

On Oct. 26, The Post published a Free for All letter on how the media should better portray engineers and mathematicians.

Two pages later, it published a Drawing Board cartoon that reinforces the stereotype.

I guess it will take some time for media habits to change.

Nick Isaacs, Reston

Letter to the Editor: 'Close to Home' strip crossed a line

Washington Post November 2 2013

I generally enjoy John McPherson's "Close to Home," but the Oct. 25 edition crossed the line between funny and inappropriate that comic artists frequently tread. With several recent news stories documenting teen suicides as a result of cyber-bullying, this is certainly no laughing matter.

Thomas V. Berry, Alexandria

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