Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Steve Artley returns to editorial cartooning

Steve Artley writes in,

Here's a bit about my resumption of editorial cartooning. Frankly, I missed the soapbox. After walking away from the editorial side of the drawing board in October of last year, editor/publisher of Connection Newspapers, Mary Kimm ( has been urging me to resume, and has been gently hinting she'd like to have me at the Alexandria Gazette Packet. So, a couple of weeks ago, I wandered into her office and madly threw myself on the floor at her feet. Sobbing pathetically, I begged her to take me in. Taking pity on me, she consoled me, wiped my tears with her cardigan and gave me hot cocoa and a Graham cracker, and told me that I could bring in my crayons and my Big Chief drawing pad to scribble my little political renderings. So, I started this week. Meanwhile, I am continuing with my Aphelion Arc project and other professional duties in the commercial arts, as-well-as charitable work, community service, and hobbies. It's a full plate, but I prefer much being over-worked to being idle.  

It'll be nice working with Mary Kimm and other professional journalists such as Michael Pope (, Jeannie Theisman ( and Steven Mauren ( at this award-winning newspaper.

I'll likely be focusing more on local issues than I have in the past. Local issue cartooning is a challenge and in many ways more daring than tackling national and international topics. You're rubbing shoulders with and living alongside those who may be targets of your political commentary. I firmly adhere to a principle of avoiding personal ridicule in my cartoons. It's not about the person. It's about her/his policies. Still, feathers do get ruffled and it's a bit different when you're standing close enough to feel those ruffled feathers pressing against you.

Please refer to my blog for other particulars:

The attached cartoon is one I did  last week as a warm-up. Another one will appear in tomorrow's Gazette, so it's not yet available for distribution. The attached has been distributed to my syndicate (ARTIZANS) and other media outlets. 

Steven G. Artley
President/Creative Director

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