Monday, August 19, 2013

Work in progress at the Works in Progress

Evan Keeling and I spent the day preparing the D.C. Conspiracy's comics show at the Works in Progress Gallery at Artisphere in Arlington, Va. It will feature: 

  • Original art from Magic Bullet
  • Posted pages from MB #6
  • A reading area featuring D.C. Conspiracy creators' comics
  • A table where the resident artist-of-the-week will work on his/her next MB page
  • A huge chalkboard featuring a drawing by the resident artist
  • A draw-your-own comics area (submissions will be posted at the gallery and online)
  • And much more! 

D.C. Conspiracy's Evan Keeling and Artisphere's Cynthia Connelly lay out Magic Bullet #6 before pinning the issue on the wall.

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