Friday, August 16, 2013

Aug 23-25: Intervention Con

  It's Kind of Like Woodstock for Geeks! Fans and Creators come together at
Intervention: The Premier Showcase of Online Creativity this August 23-25,
2013 in Maryland

Internet + Convention = Intervention: The Premier Showcase of Online
Creativity. Featuring Webcomics, Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Makers, and more.
Many guest speakers and interactive events are planned for 2013; founders
mark 4th year of intervening, inspiring, and empowering digital creators.

ROCKVILLE, MD — July 15, 2013 – Intervention, a visionary combination of
educational conference, art exhibition, and gaming convention returns to
Rockville, MD this Aug. 23-25, 2013 for it's fourth year. It's goal? To
Intervene and Inspire the whole family to take advantage of what they can
do with creativity and technology. Many guest speakers will attend – and,
in keeping with the convention's focus all of the guests are creators who
have made a name for themselves by using the Internet to build their fan

New guest speakers include Mark Frauenfelder, the founder of the incredibly
popular online site BoingBoing and Editor-in-Chief of MAKE magazine;
Ex-Disney / Nickelodeon animator Raul Aguirre, Jr. also joins the event
this year from the Man vs. Art podcast; Paul Sabourin of the music group
"Paul and Storm" will be on panels and workshops; and Pete Abrams of the
popular webcomic Sluggy Freelance returns along with numerous other art and
comics professionals.

The event's co-founder, Onezumi Hartstein, said, "[co-founder] James
Harknell and I wanted to put together an event that would empower people to
take control of their lives by going DIY with the internet and to showcase
those who have done so already. We feel that the internet is the present
and the future. This is the event for the internet generation." After
successful runs in 2010, 2011, and 2012 this year will mark Hartstein's
fourth time organizing the event.

The convention features educational content, children's programming, board
gaming, video gaming, vintage arcade cabinets, an extensive Artist Alley /
Vendor Room, live action roleplaying, musical performances, and plenty of
giveaways. As in past years, there will be a charity auction to benefit the
Electronic Frontier Foundation, an international non-profit digital
advocacy group that helps to defend civil liberties in the digital space.

Tickets for Intervention 2013 can be bought at  for the pre-registration price of
$40 for the full weekend. They may be purchased in advance or at the door
for $45.

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Thanks for posting! The event was a blast!