Friday, August 23, 2013

Michael Wenthe in Cartozia Tales anthology

Michael's a long-time area teacher about comics. I'm going to pledge to the Kickstarter campaign as soon as I figure out the option I'd prefer. 

From: Michael Wenthe 

 I am pleased to share the news that I am part of a core group of cartoonists who have launched a an all-ages anthology series set in a shared fantasy world. The anthology, called Cartozia Tales after the fictional world where the stories are set, has released its first issue and has been getting good press. The second issue will debut at SPX, where the editor, contributing cartoonist Isaac Cates (who teaches English at the University of Vermont), will be tabling alongside the cover artist for issue #1, Leah Palmer Preiss.

I am the lone DC-based cartoonist in the core group, but my contributions go beyond the pages and stories that I have directly written or drawn because of the highly collaborative nature of the project. For example, the final story in issue #1, by guest artist Dylan Horrocks (of Hicksville fame), uses characters and settings that I suggested--though the final story is all Dylan's (and quite charming).

The URL for the general Cartozia Tales website is pretty straightforward:

We've crossed the 25%-funded threshold on Kickstarter after one week, but still have a way to go to fund the first ten issues fully. (Backers so far include such comics creators as Kurt Busiek, Roberta Gregory, R. Sikoryak, Mike Dawson, Alec Longstreth, K. Thor Jensen, Scott Koblish, and Colleen Frakes, to whom much thanks!). The Kickstarter page may be found here: 

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