Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rob Steibel's new cartoon collection

The End Of the World Is Over: A Wild Life Collection Paperback

by Robert Steibel

The End Of the World Is Over features over 100 episodes of Robert Steibel's Wild Life comic. The collection includes cartoons from the 2012 Presidential election, the countdown to the Mayan Apocalypse, and the beginning of 2013. The book features Steibel's Apple Creek Kids: The Lovecats (Scrap & Rosie), Babe & Lucky, Indigo & Aloha, and Zero & Xanadu. Additional characters include Mr. Tea, Buster & Charlie, The Stray, Athena and Isis, the kittens from The Meow, Da' Bears, The Puppy Pundits, and even the first appearance of the Democratic and Republican lesbian mascots. You can see Steibel's new comics every day at

and as we've noted, Rob's started writing about Jack Kirby at

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