Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Peter Beagle's appearance at AFI

From guest blogger Bruce Guthrie

Peter Beagle's appearance at AFI/Silver last night went well.  He did Q&A and signing after a screening of "The Last Unicorn".

The audience, which had been raised on the book and/or cartoon, saw beyond those and loved every minute of the movie.

Unusual for a film screening, almost everyone at the sold-out 7:15 screening stuck around for the Q&A.  (This was in Theatre II which holds about 250 people.)  The audience was mostly adult although an earlier 4 pm screening had been added and that was apparently more kid-centric.  A lot of questions were about the story or the subsequent pieces in the same universe, but there were also a large number dealing with the other things he had written.  He was enjoyable to listen to and his publishing partner, Connor Cochran, filled in details and interesting subtexts.

The line of fans when I left during the signing around 10 looked like it would go on for at least an hour.  I found both Peter and Connor to be very personable and approachable and enjoyed myself considerably despite my lack of familiarity. 

Bruce Guthrie
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