Saturday, July 20, 2013

Read R.C. Harvey's comics newsletter for free in July

Dear Rabbit Habiteers,

Once more down the rabbit hole to continue our Annual Open Access Month: for all the month of July (starting with Opus 312 even though it's dated June 26), the online magazine Rants & Raves, as well as archived R&R and the entire Hindsight archive—thirteen years of history, lore, reviews and commentary—is open to non-$ubscribers in the hope that they will be so thrilled with what they find that they'll $ubscribe. Join the deliriou$ly happy throng.

Our current posting focuses on editorial cartooning—the annual editorial cartoonists' convention, Pat Oliphant, codes of ethics, plagiarism, no cartoons for NSA or Zimmerman, and Chuck Asay's retirement, plus Uslan's Shadow and Green Hornet and a comic strip word game. And more. Beam up by clicking below.

Stay tooned,
R.C. Harvey
For comics news and reviews, profusely dosed with cartooning history and lore, beam up to, where our online magazine, Rants & Raves, is posted fortnightly or thereabouts.

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