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July 20: 1st Ever Third Eye Throwdown Tent Sale!



10AM-9PM (Early Bird Pass Holders)

*Annapolis Location Only*


Hello Third Eye Faithful! 

We've got a very special event going down this Saturday... it's unlike anything else we've ever done before, and we're hoping you'll come by and see us for what is sure to be an epic Third Eye First! 

We're hosting the first ever Third Eye Throwdown Tent Sale! If this goes off without a hitch, we're going to hopefully make it an annual thing, to coincide with San Diego Comic-Con. 

Why? 'Cause, let's face it: we gotta bring some of that comic love to all of those who happen to be #notatcomiccon during the big show out in San Diego, and what better way to do it than to load up a GIANT tent full of goodies from the Third Eye Warehouse?

So, here's what we're doing -- all day Saturday, rain or shine, we're going to have a giant party tent set up in the rear lot of the store -- it's large enough to fit almost 200 peeps at one time, and it will have over a dozen tables lined up with:

  • 90 Long Boxes of BACK ISSUE Comics... at just $1.00 each! 
  • Fill A Short Box of BACK ISSUES from the bins for $50.00!
  • Hundreds of graphic novels at 20%, 50%, and 60% OFF 
  • A bunch of great toys and statues at 50% & 60% OFF
  • Third Eye Lucky Bags -- sealed, mystery bags with 20 comics for $5.00; these are COMPLETELY random, so you don't know what you're getting. ONE Lucky bag will have a $50 gift card in it. Limit of 5 Lucky Bags Per Person. We only have a limited number of these available, so once they're gone, they're gone!
  • Comic Value Sets -- We've bundled select complete story arcs together for just $9.99 a piece! Get a full story for only $10!
  • Third Eye CLASSIC Packs -- We've bundled classic comic storylines into special value-packs at some super low prices. Want the full run of the now-classic CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS? We've got it. The original X-CUTIONER'S SONG arc? Yup. 
  • The $3.00 Poster Bin -- we've got a ton of awesome posters.. and they're only $3.00!
  • The $5.00 T-Shirt Bin -- What'd we do with all the cool shirts we can't fit in our massive t-shirt wall? Well, we put 'em in the $5.00 T-Shirt bin!
If it's in the tent -- it's on sale! 
Click here to RSVP on FACEBOOK.

Now, with something this awesome and new, we've had a lot of questions, so here's a quick FAQ. 


Will The Store Be Open During The Sale?

Yes -- we will have staff inside the shop and inside the tent to help you out. 


Where Do I Pay?

ALL tent sale items must be purchased in the tent, all items from inside the store must be purchased inside. 


Will You Take Credit Cards In The Tent?

Yes, we will have two mobile credit card readers set up, as well as a cash register for cash transactions.


Where Do I Get My Third Eye Points for Tent Purchases?

Just bring your receipt in from the tent, and show it to us at the counter, and we'll get your points for you. If you're in a hurry, you can bring your receipt in on your next visit to Third Eye and we'll get you then.

Are Regular Items In The Store On Sale? 
No. Only items that are in the tent are on sale.
Can I Use My Third Eye Card Discount on Tent Sale Items?
No, the Third Eye Card discount does not stack with sale discounts. However, you can use your Third Eye discount on any items inside (as those are not on sale.)
Is It Rain or Shine?
Yes. The forecast looks good, but this is a real deal event tent that has sealed sides all around it; and it's built to keep the water out. 


Is This Item In The Tent?
Honestly, we do not know. These are often items we've gotten from various stores and convention dealers over the years. We've got boxes in here that we've never even touched; so there could be some real gems, but it's hard for us to know for sure. Sorry about this! 
I Have An Early Bird Pass, What Time Do I Get In?

If you participated in the promotion we ran for early bird passes a couple of weeks ago, then you will get in at 10AM instead of 11AM

We've got tons of parking all around the store. Our only recommendation / suggestion is please don't park directly in front of the other businesses in our plaza, so we don't get yelled at. :) Your best bet for parking is the entire rear of the store has a huge parking lot, as well as the sides. If you are going to be at the event for longer than a few hours (i.e Cosplaying and hanging out), then please, please park at the Kohl's / Shopper's Food Warehouse lot.
Extra Parking?
I doubt the parking lot will fill up, but if it does, Kohl's has a HUGE lot, and it's only a short walk to our store from there (less than a 5-min walk)
There's tons of public restrooms within walking / driving distance of the store, including Dunkin Donuts on West St (walking distance)., McDonalds & Wendys on West St., and more. It's always good etiquette to make a small purchase when using someone's restroom. :) 
How Early Should I Line Up?
This is totally up to you. It won't be as crazy as FCBD 2013, but it will be very busy, and if you want to get to the sweet stuff in the tent, we'd recommend lining up as early as you like. Heck, camp out if you want -- that's always fun, and we may even have a surprise or two for you. :)


Get A Special Pre-Order Tag For the Upcoming 2014 Third Eye Con T-Shirt! 
Get Your's In Time for Baltimore Comic-Con!

So... we've got something VERY cool we're planning to have ready in time for Baltimore Comic-Con. 

It's the new Third Eye Shirt Design! This is a full color design, and will be a BIG print... which means we're only going to be able to print a limited run of these.

We know how fast some of these go, and the artist we've recruited to do the design... well.. this shirt will be HOT, and we're expecting it to go fast.

So, we've got 200 Pre-Order Slips printed up and ready to give out to you guys at the event. We'll be giving them to the first 200 folks who make a purchase in the store or in the tent. 

This will help you guarantee a reserve on the size of the shirt you want. You don't have to place the pre-order until 8/6, but hang onto your slip, because the slip is required to secure the size and style (men or women's cut) that you want.

We will be unveiling the design for the shirt late July / early August.

And if you don't get a pre-order slip, don't worry: we will have extra shirts available, we just know that sometimes certain sizes fly out fast, so we want to make sure you secure the one you want! :)

And, trust us: we're stoked for how this one is going to look -- you'll definitely want to be rocking at Baltimore Comic-Con.
Win FREE Tickets to the SHINDIG Music Festival in Baltimore, MD from Our Special Guests 24/7 Promotions
In addition to all the other awesome stuff we'll have going on, our friends from 24/7 Entertainment will be popping up their own tent where you can play Plinko to win tickets to THE SHINDIG music festival in Baltimore, MD.

With a line-up so good, we couldn't help but endorse these guys, the Shindig is going to be awesome, and we're stoked to give you guys the opportunity to score some free tickets to see Third Eye faves like Joan Jett, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Clutch, the Hold Steady, and more!

Third Eye Comics | 2027A WEST ST | Annapolis | MD | 21401

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