Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PSA: Paul Conrad's Chain Reaction

From: Matt Wuerker

Hey Cartoon Pals, Patriots and Associates--

I'm writing on behalf of an old friend of many of us.  Paul Conrad did a bunch of things, drew a lot of great cartoons, won a bunch of Pulitzers, made Nixon's enemies list, encouraged some of us to do this crazy political cartoon thing... and he also did some great sculpture.  The biggest and most public of these sculptures is now in jeopardy.

Conrad's Chain Reaction is a big bold political sculpture on the grounds of Santa Monica City Hall.  It may be the biggest single and lasting piece of art created by an American political cartoonist… and it's in jeopardy.  Paul's son David and a bunch of art lovers and political activists are mounting an effort to save it.  They need to raise a bunch of money to do this.

If you could donate money directly to the effort (it's tax deductible) that's the simplest way to support their efforts.  If you can do more, donate some art to their upcoming auction  and help recruit others to donate, write about it on your blogs or newsletters all that would help even more.

David's email address is here
David Conrad---   davepconrad@earthlink.net

The background on Chain Reaction and the effort to save it is spelled out here

If you know other fans of Conrad, or other lovers of political art who might be supportive be sure to forward this on to them.


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