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Aug 10: K. Michael Crawford at Game On! Comics

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July 31, 2013
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Dear Mike,
Special Event on August 10th, 12-2pm
"How to Create your Own Super Hero"
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Children's Book Artist and Writer, K. Michael Crawford will teach kids of all ages how to create their very own comic book Super Hero. You will learn step-by-step skills in creating a Super Hero complete with super powers that bring the character to life. Bring your imagination and learn the professional way to draw like a comic book artist starting with the four shapes on how to draw everything. So get on your Super Powers and head on over to this fun-filled adventure. All ages accepted.
About K. Michael:
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New Comic Book titles this week 7-24-13


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batman annual         Batman Annual #2   


A special ZERO YEAR tie-in! Bruce Wayne's first year as the Dark Knight has just barely begun...and already dangerous elements are coalescing, leading Bruce toward his final destiny.   


3 Guns #1

Absolution Rubicon #2

Adventures Of Superman #3

Akaneiro #3 (L)

Amalas Blade #4 (L)

Angel & Faith #24

Animal Man Annual #2

Batman Annual #2

Batman Incorporated #13

Batman Zero Year Directors Cut #1

Bedlam #8

Bionic Man #22

Black Bolt: Something Inhuman This Way Comes

BPRD: Vampire #5 (L)

Caligula: Heart Of Rome #6

Captain Marvel #14

Captain Midnight #1

Collider #1

Daredevil #29

Detective Comics Annual #2

Doctor Who Magazine #462

Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time #7

Executive Assistant Assassins #13

Fearless Defenders #7

FF #10

Five Ghosts: Haunting Of Fabian Gray #5 (L)

Flash Annual #2

G.I. Joe #6

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #192

Gantz Vol 28

Grimm FT Grimm Universe #5

Grimm FT Werewolves Hunger #3 (L)

Grimm FT Wounded Warriors Special

Guardians Of Galaxy #5

House Of Gold & Bones #4 (L)

Indestructible Hulk #11

Injustice: Gods Among Us #7

Jirni #4

Judge Dredd Year One #4

King Conan: Hour Of The Dragon #3

Last Of Us: American Dreams #4 (L)

Lenore Volume II #8

Liberator #2

Morning Glories #29

Next Testament (Clive Barker) #3

Optic Nerve #13

Planet Of The Apes Spectacular 1-Shot

Red Lanterns #22

Sex #5

Smallville Season 11 Special #2

Superboy #22

Superman Annual #2

Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #81

TMNT Ongoing #24

Tom Strong And The Planet Of Peril #1

Trinity Of Sin: Pandora #2

Uber #4

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #28

Uncanny X-Force #9

Uncanny X-Men #9

Venom #38

Wake #3

Wasteland #46

What If Avx #4 (L)

Wolverine: In The Flesh 1-Shot

X-Men #3

X-Men Legacy #14





Adventure Time Summer Special 2013 #1

Archie #646

Life With Archie #31

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #9

Sonic The Hedgehog #251





Capote In Kansas HC

Ghost TP Vol 1 In The Smoke & Din

Haruhi-Ism Noizi Ito Artworks HC

Jeff Smith Little Mouse Gets Ready TP

Mark Schultz Carbon SC Vol 1

Mark Schultz Xenozoic Complete TP

Mullins Golden Age Baseball Drawings HC

Shadow Double Novel Vol 74





Flash #22

Gambit #15

Grimm FT Oz #1

Scarlet Spider #19



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 Jirni #4



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In the wake of her vicious battle with Anjaha, Ara struggles to grasp her mysterious connection to the violent d'jinn. But, the time has come for Ara to face the truth about herself as she finally tracks down her mother along with Torinthal, the sorcerer who captured her! Yet, that is only if she can survive the massive Rock Giants of Migara!

After years of preparation, creator JT Krul is ready to take you on a JIRNI unlike any other! Accompanied by the incredible talents of artist Paolo Pantalena and colorist Brett Smith, this is one JIRNI you won't want to miss!  





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