Wednesday, July 03, 2013

PR: Awesome Con Kickstarter campaign update

Important Info:

April 19-20, 2014
Saturday 10-7
Sunday 10-5

Washington Convention Center
Washington, DC 20001
Mt. Vernon Square Metro station (Green/Yellow lines)
Text/call (240)346-0399 for more info

Only 4 more days! Read this, it's important! 

The Kickstarter Campaign is almost over, and we only need about $6,000 more! We added a few more bonuses for all backers, as well a few more reward tiers. If you decide you want one of the new rewards, you still have time to change your reward tier. On top of that, if you want to add one of our existing exclusive comics (Regular Show #1, Fionna & Cake #1, Adventure Time #15, TMNT #1) to your reward, just add $15 per comic and send us a note about which one you want. 

Here's the big news: As long as the campaign is funded, we're going to add a PREVIEW NIGHTto Awesome Con on Friday, April 18. All backers of at least the $25 reward will get access to Preview Night at no extra cost!!

We've also added a cool reward tier that features some original art! For Awesome Con 2013, we had an exclusive variant cover of Regular Show #1. On the back of this comic book is a blank page for artwork. Well, we had a number of artists do some, and more artists have volunteered to do some, so everyone who pledges at this level gets the Regular Show #1 with ORIGINAL ARTWORK, along with everything in the SUPERHERO ASSIST + T-SHIRT tier. What we'll do is give everyone a choice of which artist they want, starting with the first backer at this reward level. Here's a list of artists we will have artwork from: Robert Ullman, Matt Slay, Jerry "Franchize" Gaylord, Pennie Gaylord, Bryan Turner, Mark Mariano, Dan Nokes, Drew Blank, Louie LaDalombara from Geek Boy Press, Keir Lyles, John "Waki" Wycough, Chris Flick, Scott Markley, Dawn Griffin, Bryan G. Brown, and MORE! If you've already signed up for a reward and you don't want to change it, you can add $50 to your reward tier and get a Regular Show #1 with ORIGINAL ARTWORK on it!! Just make sure you send us a note to let us know that's what you want. 
The other big thing we're doing for all of our backers, we will send out the link to our room block at the Renaissance Hotel to backers at least one week before we publish the link on our website. Our rate is $139 + tax, that's the best rate I've ever seen at that hotel. Maybe they're trying to build a relationship with us because there's a new hotel opening up next year next to the Convention Center. I don't know, but $139 per night at a downtown DC four-star hotel is amazing, and it's within walking distance to the con (it's just across the square). I know it's not a huge perk, but if you're planning to travel to the con it can save you a few hundred dollars. 
These two added benefits will ONLY happen if the Kickstarter campaign is funded. The con will still happen if we aren't funded, but we may have to scale back a few things that we want to do if we have to look somewhere else for funding. It will be Awesome regardless. 
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! I've already spoken to a few people who were on the fence about the Sidekick/Vigilante/Superhero levels and they decided to go for it after having a few things clarified. If you're concerned about the guests we'll have at Awesome Con 2014, take a look at the guest lists from Emerald City Comicon, Megacon, and Wizard World. We're talking to agents for a lot of the same people. 

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