Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Comic Book Day "not available in any store" freebies

Hogan's Alley, a magazine I infrequently write for, but really like says:

Even in the depths of the Great Recession, the best things in life are free! Mark your calendars for this Saturday, May 2: Free Comic Book Day. Send us an e-mail ON THAT DATE with your mailing address, and we’ll send you a FREE issue of Hogan’s Alley! No obligations, no strings attached; the only thing it will cost you is several hours as you enjoy the issue. (This offer is valid for all U.S. residents, whether you’re a current subscriber or not.) Remember the one condition —we must receive your e-mail request on Free Comic Book Day (May 2), not the day before or the day after. (Before and after that date, any requests for freebies will receive only scorn and derision.) Feel free to pass this offer along to anyone you know who might enjoy Hogan’s Alley! [their email seems to be]

TwoMorrows revolutionized fanzine publishing with Jack Kirby Collector and mags with lots and lots of creator interviews. They say:

TwoMorrows Publishing, in its 15th year of celebrating the art and history of comic books and LEGO, is commemorating Free Comic Book Day by again giving away publications online at

From May 1-3, TwoMorrows will be offering free complete digital issues of their various magazines for download, so customers can sample their publications. This limited time offer includes issues of their current magazine line-up:

ALTER EGO (focusing on Golden and Silver Age comics)

BACK ISSUE! (celebrating comic books of the 1970s, 1980s, and today)

THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR (documenting the life and career of the "King" of comics)

DRAW! (the professional "how-to" magazine on comics and cartooning), and

BRICKJOURNAL (the ultimate resource for Lego enthusiasts)

Also featured are past favorites ROUGH STUFF and WRITE NOW!, which are still available as back issues. Digital Editions normally retail for $2.95-$3.95 per download, but are free over the three-day Free Comic Book Day weekend, to encourage more readers to try them out, and consider ordering them at their local comic book shop.

TwoMorrows is also making available free downloads of previous years' FCBD publications: COMICS GO HOLLYWOOD (revealing secrets behind fans' favorite on-screen heroes, and what's involved in taking a character from the comics page to the big screen) and COMICS 101 (featuring how-to and history lessons from top comics professionals).

All these publications are available as free downloadable Digital Editions just by logging in and adding them to the shopping cart, and checking out at

Publisher John Morrow explained, "With the economy down, every penny counts, and these Digital Editions are an economical way for us to let readers sample our stuff, and see if it piques their interest. If so, I hope they'll add new issues to their local retailer's pull list, and get older issues direct from us if their retailer doesn't stock our publications."

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