Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bamn and DC Conspiracy PR

This one came in a few days ago, but slipped down the screen...

On the shoe laces of the DC Conspiracy’s “Horrors of War” anthology, we have now agreed to do another short for the DCC. This time, a yet-to-be-titled crime comic. Not sure who will be doing the art just yet (Dave or Jay), but David seemed intrigued and little disturbed by the opportunity to draw a person with their head crushed by a TV…

Similar to “Horrors of War,” the book will be edited by Evan Keeling and is tentatively scheduled for a July release date.
Want to find out more about the DCC and their quarterly anthology comics? Go here: http://www.dcconspiracy.com/

David Dean (“Bamn” Co-creator and “Horrors of War” artist) has agreed to be the colorist for the cover to Bamn #2. This will be our first color cover, but David showed me a few samples of some pre-existing artwork and it looks awesome. He definitely knows his way around whatever-the-hell-software he uses to work with.
We got a bit of flack from convention-goers (and friends) for doing Bamn #1 with a Black & White cover. Ultimately, it was issue of finances and time restraint (we literally got our original print a few days before our first comic show).

There has been a bit of delay in getting Bamn #1 to Alliance Comics and Games, it was entirely due to printing issues. It took a little bit longer this time, but we’ve been informed that the books should be out of Comixpress in NJ and into our possession very soon. That means, that very soon, Alliance Comics and Games will be the first store to sell Bamn directly off the shelf.

We are also working on bringing the title to Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD…and of course you can always purchase Bamn at comixpress.com: http://store.comixpress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1195&zenid=ls8k97lgud2a7aivip7ah57va0

Lastly, The DCC is hosting their annual Counter Culture Fest at The Soundry in Viena, Va. The Fest will feature artwork, comics, music, and sellable accoutrements from a pack of DC-Area creatives. The show will be held on May 24, 2009 and Bamn is slated to debut its’ second issue there. Be sure to come on out, get inspired, get creative, and get supportive. For more info about The Counter Culture Fest, go to:

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