Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cavna talks to Bell, Kurtz and other social networking cartoonists

Two are online at the Comic Riffs blog - "'Candorville' Cartoonist Finds His [Short-Form] Muse," By Michael Cavna, March 31, 2009 and "The Twitter Interview: 'PvP' Creator Scott Kurtz," By Michael Cavna, April 1, 2009. Cavna writes in that he would also like you to see "The Interview: Animator Bryan Brinkman," Michael Cavna, March 23, 2009, even though I had already linked to this as long ago as March 23rd.

In the physical post was "Cartooning's Webcrawler: The Micro-Blogs of Twitter," By Michael Cavna, Washington Post Staff Writer, Wednesday, April 1, 2009; C12. A similar article appeared on PBS's website - "Newspaper Cartoonists Engage Audiences (Including Haters) Online," by Mike Rosen-Molina, PBS Mediashift March 30, 2009.

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