Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OT: The Book of Marvels: An Explorer's Miscellany

A good friend of mine, Mark C. Jenkins, the unofficial historian of National Geographic, has a book coming out on April 28. It is a wonderful compendium of the best of travel writing through the centuries, and the accompanying illustrations are gorgeous.

Here is the link to Amazon:

Searching inside the book isn't available yet, but the chapter titles are as follows:
1. Wild and Unfathomable Always--The Sea
2. The Mournful Kingdom of Sand--The Desert
3. One Boundless Pasture--The Grasslands
4. Arborious Wonders--The Forest
5. The Sublime Harp--Peaks and Chasms
6. The Mystic Circles--The Poles

Many thanks for taking the time to check it out! Cathy

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Mike Rhode said...

Mark's a friend of mine too, and an excellent writer and researcher. This should be excellent.