Tuesday, August 21, 2007

OT: What's wrong with this picture?

Here's an ad that ran in the New York Times Book Review this weekend, on August 19th. What's wrong with the ad?

It's the "Original 1960s comic-book art" blurb. Wolverine, on the cover, first appeared in 1974. This appears to be artwork by John Byrne, probably from the early 1980s.

So remember, kids! Don't get your comic-book history from pop-up books!


Anonymous said...

Hey there!

We got some press materials for this thing in at the Wizard offices, and while Byrne is on the cover, the inside does seem to reprint the Lee/Kirby X-Men #1.

So that ad copy is only slightly less inaccurate.

Mike Rhode said...

Ok, I'll cut them some slack based on that. I can't imagine that a later issue of X-Men wouldn't be more interesting in 3-d though.