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OT: Film & TV Adaptations of Comics - DOCUMENTARIES & PROMOTIONS


1000 Ways of Getting Drunk in England (UK 2001, BBC documentary about George Cruikshank)
A&E Biography: Batman (USA 2003; documentary about tv series)
A&E Biography: Stan Lee (USA 19??; documentary tv series episode)
A&E Biography: Lee Falk (USA 1996; documentary tv series episode)
Akira Production Report (Japan 1988; DTV documentary)
Animation Legend: Winsor McCay (USA 199?; DTV documentary)
Anti-German comic books (Canada: Samisdat Publishers 199?; pro-Nazi propaganda as "documentary")
The Bat, The Cat And The Penguin (USA 1992; tv documentary/promotion on Batman Returns)
Batmania From Comics To Screen (USA 1989; DTV documentary)
Before Mickey: An Animated Anthology (USA 1993; DTV documentary accompanying Crafton's book)
Carl Barks: The Duck Maestro (Finland; Good Fellows Ky limited to 1000 copies)
*Cartoonist on the Front Lines (BBC 200?)
Charlie Brown and Charles Schulz (1969)
A Charlie Brown Celebration
Comic Book Confidential (1988)
Comic Book: The Movie (USA 2004; mocumentary DTV features Stan Lee)
The Comic Book Greats (USA 1991-1992; 13 DTV documentaries from Stabur. Hosted by Stan Lee)
Vol 1: Todd McFarlane (1991)
Vol 2: Rob Liefeld (1991)
Vol 3: Sergio Aragones (1991)
Vol 4: Overkill (1991; Todd McFarlane & Rob Liefeld create a new character)
Vol 5: Harvey Kurtzman & Jack Davis (1992)
Vol 6: How to Create by Rob Liefeld (1992)
Vol 7: Chris Claremont (1992)
Vol 8: The Romitas (1992)
Vol 9: Bob Kane (1992)
Vol 10: Jim Lee (1992)
Vol 11: Will Eisner (1992)
Vol 12: Whilce Portacio (1992)
Vol 13: Compendium: the Best of Comic Book Greats (1992)
Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked (USA: History Channel, 2003)
*The Comics Show (New Zealand: TVNZ, Shirley Horrocks, 2007; documentary )
Crumb (USA 199?)
The Duck Man: Interview with Carl Barks (Another Rainbow)
*Ducktators (1997; on WW2 animation)
Freedom Speaks: Comic Books and the First Amendment (1996; tv series episode)
*Funny Ladies: A Portrait of Women Cartoonists (Pamela Briggs, 1988; Cathy Guisewite, Nicole Hollander, Lynda Barry and Dale Messick)
Happy Birthday Carl! Barks (USA: Nineteenth Star, 1997; DTV)
Here's to You, Charlie Brown: 50 Great Years! (USA 2000; documentary)
H.G.O. (Héctor Germán Oesterheld) (Argentina 1998, Víctor Bailo / Daniel Stefanello; documentary - see
Hooked On Comix (USA 1989); Peter Bagge, Chester Brown, Daniel Clowes, Julie Doucet, Gilbert & Jaime
Hernandez, Jim Woodring)
I, Tintin (France 19??, documentary video; Herge)
In the Life: Men in Tights (USA 2003, segment on gay comic book characters, originally aired July 7th)
The Incredible Life & Times of Robert Ripley: Believe It or Not! (USA 1999; tv documentary)
Life & Times: Lynn Johnston (Canada: CBC, 1998; tv documentary)
The Line King: Al Hirschfeld (1996)
*Manga (Russia 2005; Petr Khazizov)
The Masters Of Comic Book Art (USA 1987, Mike Mann; Rhino. Documentary includes Neal Adams, Steve
Ditko, Jack Kirby, Harvey Kurtzman, Frank Miller, Moebius, Dave Sim, Art Spiegelman, Berni Wrightson)
Masters of Fantasy: The Anime Makers (USA: Sci-Fi Channel 1998; episode of tv series)
*Najl-Al-Ali: An Artist with Vision (Kasim Abid, 1999)
Neil Gaiman: Notes from the Underground (USA 1998; dtv)
Ooh La La: [gay cartoonists] (Canada 1998; episode of tv show includes Howard Cruse, Joan Hilty (filmed at the
offices of DC), Ivan Velez, and Robert Kirby)
*The Political Dr. Suess (USA: 1999)
Portraits D'auteurs (France: Centre National de la Bande Dessinée et de l'Image; documentaries. See
A la recherche de William Vance (1996)
Jean-Michel Charlier (1996)
Morris (1996)
Alberto Breccia (1992)
Albert Uderzo (1998)
Alex Barbier (1994)
SexTV: Erotic Comics (Canada 2000; tv documentary includes Trina Robbins)
Signe Juillard: Naissance d'une bande dessinee (France 1997)
Super Heroes (USA 1999; tv documentary includes Mike Carlin, Paul Dini, Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, Dennis
O'Neill, Trina Robbins, Kevin Smith with narration by Adam West).
Superman's 50th Anniversary: A Celebration of the Man of Steel (USA: CBS, 1988, Robert Boyd; tv
*Terry Moore: Paradise Found (USA 2005; DTV documentary)
*Tintin and I (Denmark 2003; documentary video)
Todd McFarlane Creates Lotus (USA 1992; DTV documentary from Stabur)
Todd McFarlane's Comic Book "Facts & Illusions" (USA 1992; DTV documentary from Stabur)
Turning Point - Broadway's New Annie: Search For A Star (USA 1997; tv documentary/promotion)
Where Are They Now?: TV Heroes & Villains (USA: VH1 2003; tv documentary)
*Will Eisner, Profession, Cartoonist (Marisa Furtado, Brazil 2001)
X-Men: The Mutant Watch (USA 2000; tv documentary/promotion on movie)
Yours Truly, TH: Nast (1983)

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