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OT: Film & TV Adaptations of Comics - M-N

*Maakies (Tony Millionaire)
The Drinky Crow Show (USA 2007; pilot on Adult Swim animated tv series)

Mach Go Go Go (Tetsuo Yoshida)
Mach Go Go Go (Japan 1967-1968; 52 episode animated tv show)
[Speed Racer (1967-1968 USA)]
New Adventures of Speed Racer (USA 1993; 13 episode animated tv show)

Mad TV (USA 19xx) (sketch show)
Madimations (USA 2000; internet animated episodes)
A Grim Fairy Tale

Magic Knight Rayearth (CLAMP)
Magic Knight Rayearth (Japan 199?; 20 episode animated tv show. Collected on video as Daybreak, Sunrise, Noon, Twilight and Midnight.)

Magma Taishi (Osamu Tezuka)
Ambassador Magma (Japan 1993)
Space Giants (Japan; live action)

Maison Ikkoku (Rumiko Takahashi)
[USA: Maison Ikkoku Vol 1: Welcome to Maison Ikkoku (Japan 19??; DTV compiled from animated tv series)
[USA: Maison Ikkoku Vol 2: Ronin Blues (Japan 19??; DTV compiled from animated tv series)
[USA: Maison Ikkoku Vol 3: Spring Wasabi (Japan 19??; DTV compiled from animated tv series)
[USA: Maison Ikkoku: Kyoko & Soichiro (Japan 19??; videotape compiled from animated tv series?)
[USA: Maison Ikkoku: My Best Rival's Wedding (Japan 19??; videotape compiled from animated tv series?)
[USA: Maison Ikkoku: She's Leaving Home (Japan 19??; videotape compiled from animated tv series?)
[USA: Maison Ikkoku: The Folks Can't Help It (Japan 19??; videotape compiled from animated tv series?)

Mandrake the Magician (Lee Falk)
Mandrake the Magician (USA 1939; film serial)
Mandrake the Magician (USA 1954; tv series)
Mandrake (USA 1979, Harry Falk; tv movie/series pilot)

*Man-Thing (MARVEL)
Man-Thing (USA 2005; tv movie)

Mao-chan (Ken Akamatsu)
Mao-chan (Japan 200?, animated tv episodes)

Marmalade Boy (Wataru Yoshizumi)
Marmalade Boy (Japan 1994-1995; animated tv series)

Marsupilami (Franquin)
Mursupilami (USA: Raw Toonage, 1992)
Marsupilami (USA 1993; animated tv show)

Marvin (Tom Armstrong)
Marvin: Baby of the Year (USA 1989; animated tv show)

The Mask (John Arcudi & Doug Mahnke CHECK)
The Mask (USA 1994, Charles Russel)
The Mask (USA 1995; animated tv show)
*The Son of the Mask (USA 2005)

The Masked Marvel? vide Hofstede.

Max und Moritz (Wilhelm Busch, 1865-?) vide Castelli.
Max und Moritz (Germany 1907; short)

The Maxx (Sam Keith)
The Maxx (USA 1995; 12 episode animated tv series in MTV's Oddities anthology)

Meitantei Conan [Detective Conan] (Gosho Aoyama)
Meitantei Conan (Japan 1996-?; animated tv series)
Meitantei Conan: Tokei-jikake no matenrou (Japan 1997)
[The Time Bombed Skyscraper]
[The Fourteenth Target]

Men in Black (MALIBU/MARVEL)
Men in Black (USA 1997)
Men in Black (USA 1997- ; animated tv series. Design work by M. Prado.)
Men in Black II (USA 2002)

Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden (Taiwan 200?; television soap opera)

Metropolis (Osamu Tezuka)
Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis (Japan 2001, Rintaro; animated movie)

El Muerto (Javier Hernandez)
El Muerto (USA 2007)

Michel Valiant
Michel Valiant (France 2003; movie)

Migraine Boy (Greg Fiering)
Migraine Boy (USA:MTV 1996; animated 30 second shorts)

Mirko i Slavko (Desimir Zizovic Buin & Z. Vukosavljevic)
Mirko i Slavko (Yugoslavia 1973, Branimir-Tori Jankovic)

Mr. Butt-in (Charles William Kahles) vide Castelli.
Mr Butt-In (USA: Biograph, 1906; serial)

Model By Day (Kevin J. Taylor / RIP OFF PRESS, SIRIUS)
Model By Day (USA 1994, tv movie; written by Jeph Loeb)

Modesty Blaise (Peter O'Donell & Jim Holdaway)
Modesty Blaise (UK 1966, Joseph Losey)
Modesty Blaise (USA 1982)

Moon Mullins vide Castelli.
Archie TV Funnies TV (USA 1971; animated tv series including Moon Mullins, Smokey Stover, Alley Oop, Broom Hilda, Emmy Lou, The Captain and the Kids, and Nancy)
rereleased as The Fabulous Funnies TV (USA 1978)

[Mordillo's short strips]
[Aproximately 400 adaptations of one-pagers] (Germany: Schmidt Muenchen, 1975-1988. Adapted by Yugoslavian cartoonist Miki Muster from Argentinian cartoonist Guillermo Mordillo's work)

Mortadelo & Filemon
Mortadelo & Filemon: The Big Adventure (Spain 2003)

*The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green (Eric Orner)
The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green (USA 2005; dtv)

Mother Goose & Grimm (Mike Peters)
Mother Goose & Grimm (USA: Film Roman, 1991; animated tv show)

Mouche, La [The Fly] (Lewis Trondheim)
La Mouche (Canada: Futurikon, 1999?; tv short animated film?)

Muno no hito [The Nowhere Man] (?)
Muno no hito (Japan 1991, Naoto Takenaka)

*Mountain Woman, Wall Woman see Yama Onna, Kabe Onna

Mutant Aliens (Bill Plympton)
Mutant Aliens (USA 2002)

Mutt and Jeff (Bud Fisher)
Mutt and Jeff (USA 1911; live action shorts?) vide Crafton.
Mutt and Jeff (USA 1913-1926; At least 303 animated movie shorts)
500 Miles on a Gallon of Gas (1919)
Accident Attorney, The (1918)
Accidents Won't Happen (1925)
An Ace and a Joker (1918)
All at Sea (1925)
All Stuck Up (1920)
All That Glitters Is Not Goldfish (1919)
Alona of the South Seas (1926)
Another Man's Wife (1919)
Any Ice Today (1922)
Around the Pyramids (1922)
Around the World in Nine Minutes (1918)
At the Front (1918)
Back to the Balkans (1918)
Ball Game, The (1913)
Bare Idea, The (1920)
Baseball (1913)
Bear Facts, The (1925)
Bearded Lady, The (1919)
Beautiful Model, The (1920)
Bell Hops, The (1917)
Berth of a Nation (1920)
Beside the Cider (1922)
The Bicycle Race (1920)
The Big Swim (1926)
The Boarding House (1917)
Bombs and Boobs (1926)
Bony Parts (1921)
Bound in Spaghetti (1919)
The Bowling Alley (1920)
Brave Toreador (1920)
Breakfast Food Industry, The (1920)
Bulling the Bolshevik (1918)
Bumps and Things (1922)
Burglar Alarm, The (1918)
California Alien Land Law, The (1913)
Cashier, The (1922)
Cave Man's Bride, The (1919)
Chamber of Horrors, The (1917)
Chambermaid's Revenge, The (1919)
Cheese Tamers, The (1917)
Chemical Calamity, A (1917)
Chemists, The (1920)
Chewing Gum Industry, The (1920/1922?)
Cleopatra (1920)
Cold Tea (1921)
Cold Turkey (1922)
Confessions of a Telephone Girl (1919)
Court Plastered (1922)
Cow's Husband, The (1919)
Cowpunchers, The (1920)
Cows and Caws (1917)
Cramps (1916)
Crazy Idea, A (1921)
Crows and Scarecrows (1921)
Crystal Gazer, The (1922)
Cutting Out His Nonsense (1919)
Darkest Africa (1921)
Day in Camp, A (1917)
Dead Eye Jeff (1920)
Decoy, The (1918)
Departed Spirits (1920)
Dog Gone (1926)
Dog Pound, The (1916)
Dog's Life, A (1917)
Dog-Gone Tough Luck (1919)
Doughboy, The (1918)
Down in Dixie (1923)
Downstairs and Up (1919)
Dr. Killjoy (1921)
Draft Board, The (1918)
Efficiency (1918)
Everybody's Doing It (1919)
Extra-Quick Lunch, The (1918)
Factory to Consumer (1921)
Fallen Archers, The (1922)
Falls Ahead (1922)
Far East (1921)
Far North, The (1921)
Farm Efficiency (1920)
Fast Freight (1921/I)
Fireman Saved My Child (1919)
Fisherless Cartoon, A (1918)
Fisherman's Luck (1920)
Fishing (1920)
Flapjacks (1920)
Flivvering (1921)
For Bitter or for Verse (1919)
Freight Investigation (1918)
Gathering Coconuts (1921)
Getting Ahead (1921)
Getting Even (1922)
Ghostly Wallop, A (1922)
Globe Trotters, The (1926)
Glue Factory, The (1921)
Glutton for Punishment, A (1920)
Golfing (1922)
Great Pickle Robbery, The (1920)
Gum Shoe Work (1920)
Gusher, The (1921)
Gym Jams (1922)
Hands Up (1919)
Hard Lions (1919)
Hard Luck Santa Claus, A (1920)
Hard Shell Game, A (1921)
He Ain't Done Right By Our Nell (1919)
Helping McAdoo (1918)
Here and There (1919)
High Cost of Living, The (1920)
His Musical Soup (1920)
Hither and Thither (1922)
Hitting the High Sports (1918)
Hock Shop, The (1916)
Hole Cheese, The (1922)
Home Brew (1920)
Home Sweet Home (1920)
Honest Book Agent, The (1919)
Honest Jockey, The (1920)
Hoot Mon (1922)
Hop, Skip, and Jump (1922)
Hospital Orderlies (1918)
Hot Dogs (1920)
Hotel De Mutt (1918)
Hula Hula Cabaret, The (1919)
Hula Hula Town (1920)
Hunting the U-Boats (1918)
Hypnotist, The (1913/20?)
I'm Ringing Your Party (1920)
In the Money (1919)
In the Theatrical Business (1917)
In Wrong (1920)
Indestructible Hats, The (1916)
Interpreters, The (1917)
Invisible Revenge (1925)
It's a Bear (1921)
Janitors, The (1917)
Jeff's Toothache (1916)
Johnny Reb's Wooden Leg (1913)
Joining the Tanks (1918)
Kaiser's New Dentist, The (1918)
Landing a Spy (1918)
Landing an Heiress (1919)
Last Laugh, The (1922)
Last Shot, The (1922)
Latest in Underwear, The (1920)
League of Nations (1920)
Leak, The (1918)
Left at the Post (1919)
Life Savers (1918)
Link Missing, A (1925)
Lion Hunters, The (1921/I & II)
Lion Tamers, The (1919)
Long Live the King (1922)
Look Pleasant Please (1919)
Lot of Bull, A (1918)
Mademoiselle Fifi (1921)
Matrimonial Agency, The (1913)
Medicine Man, The (1920)
Meeting Theda Bara (1918)
Merry Cafe, The (1920)
Merry Milkmaid, The (1913)
Messy Christmas, A (1921)
Mexican Problem, The (1913)
Mint Spy, The (1920)
Mixing in Mexico (1925)
Modern Fishing (1922)
Mummy O'Mine (1926)
Mutt and Jeff (1913/I-XV)
Mutt and Jeff at Sea (1913, parts 1 & 2)
Mutt and Jeff In Constantinople (1913)
Mutt and Jeff in Iceland (1920)
Mutt and Jeff in Mexico (1913)
Mutt and Jeff in Paris (1919)
Mutt and Jeff in Spain (1919)
Mutt and Jeff in Switzerland (1919)
Mutt and Jeff in the Submarine (1916)
Mutt and Jeff in Turkey (1913)
Mutt and Jeff's Nooze Weekly (1920)
Mutt Puts One Over (1913)
Mutt the Mutt Trainer (1919)
Mutt's Marriage (1913)
Mutt's Moneymaking Scheme (1913)
Mystery of Galvanized Iron Ash Can, The (1920)
Napoleon (1920)
Naturalist, The (1921)
Nearing the End (1922)
North Woods, The (1920)
Not Wedded But With a Wife (1921)
Nothing But Girls (1920)
Occultism (1918)
Oceans of Trouble (1925)
Oh Teacher (1919)
On Ice (1918)
On Strike (1920)
On the Hop (1920)
On Thin Ice (1926)
One Round Jeff (1920)
Our Four Days in Germany (1918)
Out An' In Again (1919)
Painter's Frolic, The (1921)
Paper Hangers, The (1920)
Papoose, The (1920)
Parlor Bolshevist, The (1920)
Pawnbrokers, The (1920)
Pets and Pests (1919)
Phoney Focus, The (1922)
Pickaninni's G-string (1913)
Pigtails and Peaches (1919)
Playing With Fire (1926)
Plumbers, The (1919/20?)
Politicians, The (1920)
Pot Luck in the Army (1918)
Pousee Cafe, The (1919)
Preparedness (1917)
Pretzel Farming (1920)
Price of a Good Sneeze, The (1920)
Private Detectives, The (1920)
Prize Fight, A (1919)
Promoters, The (1916/II)
Prospectors, The (1917)
Putting on the Dog (1920)
Rare Bird, A (1921)
Revenge is Sweet (1917)
Riding the Goat (1922)
Roman Scandal, A (1926)
Rose By Any Other Name, A (1920)
Rum Runners, The (1920)
Sandstorm, The (1913)
Seeing Things (1919)
Seventy-Mile Gun, The (1918)
Shadowed (1921)
Shaking the Shimmy (1920)
Shell Game, The (1919)
Sherlock Hawkshaw and Company (1920)
Shocking Idea, A (1921)
Side Show, The (1918)
Sir Sidney (1919)
Soda Clerks (1925)
Song Birds, The (1920)
Soul Violin, The (1920)
Sound Your 'A' (1919)
Stampede, The (1921)
Stolen Snooze, The (1921)
Stuck in the Mud (1922)
Subbing for Tom Mix (1919)
Submarine Chasers, The (1917)
Substitute for Peroxide, A (1913)
Sultan's Harem, The (1913)
Superintendents (1918)
Sweet Papa (1919)
Tailor Shop, The (1920)
Tale of a Pig, The (1918)
Tango Dancers, The (1920)
Thou Shalt Not Pass (1925)
Three Raisins and a Cake of Yeast (1920)
Throwing the Bull (1918)
Tightrope Romance, A (1920)
Tin Foiled (1922)
To the Rescue (1918)
Tong Sandwich, The (1921)
Tonsorial Artists (1918)
Too Much Soap (1922)
Touring (1921)
Toy Makers, The (1920)
Training Woodpeckers (1921)
A Trip to Mars (1920)
Tropical Eggs-pedition, A (1919)
Turkish Bath, The (1921)
Two For Hire (1916)
Ups and Downs (1926)
Vacuum Cleaner, The (1921)
Ventriloquist, The (1921)
Village Cutups (1921)
Wall Street (1916)
Watering the Elephants (1921)
West is East (1919)
Westward Whoa (1926)
Whadya Mean You're Contended (1913)
When Hell Freezes Over (1926)
Where Am I? (1925)
Why Mutt Left the Village (1919)
Wild Waves and Angry Woman (1919)
William Hohenzollern Sausage Maker (1919)
Window Cleaners, The (1919)
Wishing Duck, The (1922)
Wrestlers, The (1920)
Yacht Race, The (1920)

My World And Welcome To It! (James Thurber) CHECK
My World And Welcome To It! (USA 1969-1970; animated tv series)

Mysterymen (Bob Burden)
Mystery Men (USA 1999; movie)

Nancy (Ernie Bushmiller) vide Castelli.
Archie TV Funnies TV (USA 1971; animated tv series including Moon Mullins, Smokey Stover, Alley Oop, Broom Hilda, Emmy Lou, The Captain and the Kids, and Nancy)
rereleased as The Fabulous Funnies TV (USA 1978)

*Nana (Ai Yazawa)
Nana (Japan 2005, live action movie)
Nana 2 (Japan 2006, live action movie)
Nana (Japan 2006; anime tv series)

Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (Hayao Miyazaki, 1982-1994)
Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (Japan 1984; animated movie)
[USA: Warriors of the Wind (1985 heavily-edited version)]

Neat Stuff (Peter Bagge)
The Shut-Ins (USA 2000-; animated internet series at

*The Neighbor No. 13 (Santa Inoue)
The Neighbor No. 13 (Japan 2006?; Yasuo Inoue)

Nervy Nat (J. Montgomery Flagg) vide Castelli.
Nervy Nat (USA: Pat Sullivan Cartoon Release, 1916; animated movie shorts)

The Newlyweds / Their Only Child (George McManus)
The Newlyweds SEE CRAFTON
Snookums' Merry Christmas (USA 1922; silent movie)
Newlyweds' Court Troubles (USA 1924)
Newlyweds' House Guest (USA 19??)
Newlywed's Neighbors (19??)
[Snookums (USA 1926-1929; 40 movie shorts) vide Castelli.]

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (MARVEL)
Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D (USA 1998; tv series pilot)

Night Man (USA 1997-1998; tv series)

*Ninja Hattori-kun (Hattori the Ninja)
Ninja Hattori-kun (Japan 198?; animated tv series)
Ninja Hattori-kun (Japan 2004)

NiraX (Bill Maus)
Zen Intergalactic Ninja and NiraX preview trailer (USA 2000-; internet animated short on LOADtv website,

*Nodame Kantabire
Nodame Kantabire (Japan 2006; live action tv show)

Nozokiya (1995) (Hideo Yamamoto)
Nozokiya (Japan 1995)
[US: Voyeurs, Inc]

Nuku Nuku [aka Bannou Bunka Neko-Musume or All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku] (Yuzo Takada)
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (Japan 1992; 6 episode animated tv series)
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV (Japan 1998; 12 episode and 2 special animated tv series)
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku DASH (collection of 1998 tv series?)

Nuts (Gahan Wilson)
The Kid (USA 2001; animated tv movie)


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The shojo manga series Nana by Ai Yazawa has been adapted into an anime series and a live action movie.

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